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Rug!, bench, jewelry storage, and hiding the cords: Week 4 of the One Room Challenge

I did a double take as a right wrote this caption, because I can’t really believe it’s Week 4 out of 6, and really it’s only five weeks because Week 6 is the reveal! Is this room really almost done?!

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I was hoping to have more progress on the DIY slipcovered bed slipcover, but after three trips to the fabric store I only now have the materials that I need and hope to work on it this next weekend. Plus, we have some re-construction to do... read more about that in this Instagram post! It will look pretty different when done!

Instead, I did make some progress on clothing and jewelry organization and storage, which was kind of hanging over my head--so that is great news. Also, with the addition of a beautiful blue velvet bench under the window, now all of the furniture is here and we aren’t really enjoying our new layout!

Oh, also, since that photo above was taken, we had that kiwi tree outside the window removed (along with some other landscape demo--see my Instagram highlights!). That window faces our very private backyard so it was really not necessary there. So much better to have more light and open-ness!

Still plenty to do in this corner--remove that art, re-hem the curtains, replace the plant... (Why is that art still there? I am getting rid of it, I don't know why I haven't moved it yet.)

But, finally, I did something I should’ve been doing for years and years as a homeowner and anchored our extension cord with these (and combined cords so we don’t have white plastic messing up the look). Unfortunately we don't have a power source on the back wall where our nightstands are, so this get us power for our lamps.

Oh! And of course, the rug arrived and we laid it down! It’s even more beautiful than I thought it would be, looks so great in person and is just perfect with the colors in this room! I have shared it a couple times on Instagram, but here are a few more photos. It is polyester, and just printed to look like an antique Turkish rug, but because it is a flat weave rather than a low pile like most acrylic/fake wool vintage look rugs, it just looks a lot more realistic and less like a brightly colored carpet. It is also super soft and nice to step on!

Our art should be here soon, but until then I found a place for some new jewelry storage. I had been using these spray-painted jewelry stands since I made them in 2012--I didn’t realize it had been so long until I saw that blog post! That is ridiculous. They were also really cluttered with necklaces I don’t wear anymore. So, during one nice, long baby naptime I went through all of my jewelry and got rid of almost half. Now what’s left are the beautiful pieces that I still wear! I think jewelry is easy to accumulate too much of because it always fits, so whether you lose weight or get pregnant or whatever, you can still accumulate it and you might not be getting rid of it. I found this beautiful jewelry wall which is exactly what I needed for necklaces and perfect for the finer ones so they don’t get tangled. Then I also bought this coordinating tree for the chunkier ones.

While I was taking these photos Jason and Otto were playing on the bed. It was kind of them to color coordinate with the room. Otto is working on his sitting. Anyone mind a cute baby photo?

It is really amazing to see the inspiration board coming to life, after staring at some variation of this for months planning this room. It looks like I'd pictured, but better!!!

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