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3 high-waisted jeans looks for fall, and mom style

A funny thing happened when I emerged from 9 months of growing a big baby belly last spring: slowly my jeans started to fit again, but I no longer liked any of them because the high-waisted jeans trend was now in full force! (I know people were doing it last year, to, but I am a tiny bit slow on adopting jeans trends! (The 2006 transition to skinnies, anyone?))

Especially as I went back to work in July, I realized I really needed to buy myself some jeans that I felt good in and flattered.

I have now found several pairs I love, ordered them and multiple colors, and figured out some tricks for ordering and wearing high-waisted jeans to be the most flattering! My favorites and some great mom outfits for fall that I have been wearing lately coming up…

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These are definitely my coolest jeans and the first with serious rips that I have bought in a while. They are a true high-waisted style, and not a skinny jean, which makes them feel really laid-back and comfortable. I actually have been wearing these instead of yoga pants at home sometimes, crazy!

I also just got this sweatshirt because I needed a cozy but still definitely machine washable top to wear at home and on weekend errands. I tried this Universal Thread one from Target first but it was super loose fitting and not flattering and I couldn’t size down enough to get the fit I wanted! So I found this one instead and it’s even softer and cozier, plus more flattering.

I should add... another thing that changed after baby is it has now been about a year since I worked out consistently because of pregnancy symptoms (and now postpartum back pain and being busy with baby), so my strong butt and thighs have shrunken a bit. That bums me out a little, but it also means I am able to wear more brands of jeans. I found that the Express jeggings were the best for fitting an athletic lower body, but now I feel good in a few other brands.

So next...

This look is one that I can even wear to work on days when I can’t wear denim jeans because of meetings. Black jeans are just a classic and these are slick enough to dress up a little bit.

The tip on these, as well as this dark wash version, is I order them in a short length even though I am a pretty average height (5'6"). It makes them stop right ankle bone which just skim the top of my feet, which is flattering and works with almost any shoe. A regular length on me bunches slightly at the ankles, which looks a little sloppy and really only works best with flats or boots that hide it. So that’s tip number one! Order a shorter length then you would in a straight or flared jeans, or in a released him style that is meant to be a little shorter. (I did that with my favorite Express jeggings, too, and it worked great.)

Finally, this is the easiest mom look (notice the hair up?): these are my all-time favorite new high-waisted jeans! I love the button fly, and the half-tuck really shows it off. That’s tip #2: I half-tuck almost everything! Especially with high-waisted jeans. It means you can wear some of the shorter tops without showing any tummy when you move, and it shows off your waist and hips, which is partially the point of high-waisted jeans anyway! I love the released him on these--in fact they are a lot like this Madewell style that is way more expensive--and they are so cute with sneakers but because of the short length they also work with my black rain boots (similar). Here is a similar button fly one that also looks great!

I am so excited to have some go-to jeans and looks for fall that make me feel stylish and fresh in my new mom body! Now, if I could just get my back pain issues to lessen so I could get back to the gym, that might change things a little bit… but that will be a while unfortunately. And hey, maybe most of these will still fit!

Excited to dress for fall more than I did last year over a growing belly!

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