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DIY bed construction complete! The queen vs. king debate, plus nightstands and dressers: Week 3 of the One Room Challenge

Our room is really coming together! It’s not beautiful yet, but function wise it’s almost complete. Dressers and nightstands are now built, and my dad and I are both feeling very satisfied because we finished the construction portion of the DIY bed. I still have to do the sewing for the slipcover, but I wanted to get the rug in the room before I choose the color, and that will definitely be a longer task. But, the bed is up, our new Lucid mattress is here, and for the first time in… almost a year?! We have our own real bed frame again!

Also, I’m spilling the beans on what we decided RE queen vs. king-size mattress!

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Queen Vs. King Mattress

So, queen or king... You guys had SO many opinions on that when I shared on Instagram that we were considering getting a king. It’s so funny, honestly this never really occurred to me until Jason said he wanted one and I started thinking about if it would fit in our room (it would overlap a window like this)… But now that I notice it, I think almost all of the beds in the bedrooms I save as inspiration and see in those beautiful professionally designed homes are king! I used to think of kings as having funny proportions, too wide and squat. But now I guess they are everywhere and they look great!

When I measured it out, no matter which while we put the bed on it is a pretty tight squeeze with a king. It technically would have worked pretty well on the longer wall, with the bed centered under the double windows, but then I would’ve needed a different dresser and we probably wouldn’t have had enough clothing storage. It’s a domino effect. Also, I don’t mind the look of a bed under a window too much, but I really don’t like the function. I open and close our shades and curtains every single night/morning! Having to reach around a king bed would be annoying to me.

I did a couple polls in my stories and the results were like 51 to 49% in favor of King despite our awkward bedroom situation, but the king voters were a little bit louder in the comments! You guys have to read some of these, check these out.

In favor of king:

  • "King saved our marriage. At least that's what we joke. But for real, your bebe WILL be in the bed with you at some point. You need a king."
  • "I was team queen until I realized we were very uncomfortable with my child in bed. We brought a king size and I LOVE it. I have been sleeping on it for 4 years and wouldn't change it. Never going back to queen."
  • "Do you have kids? King all the way, they're the best, loads of space! Wish we'd got one sooner."
  • "King all the way!! Except now we have a hard time sharing a queen when we travel!"
  • "I might be on the opposite end of the spectrum lol (had a king even before my husband all to myself) so I’m team KING all the way. It will be a game changer, I promise!!"
  • "King. Definitely king. And whether your little sleeps in bed with you or not, the king is great alone on weekends for lounging around as a family in bed."

In favor of queen:

  • "I am team queen—in a king bed, it feels like I’m sleeping alone, the other person is too far away! Plus I am a make-your-bed-every-day kind of person, and it takes too long to make up a king!"
  • "We have a UK King which is equivalent to US queen. I find the US kings look MASSIVE unless they're in an appropriately scaled room."
  • "Totally a queen couple here! I never even splurge for a king room in hotels!"
  • "I always loved a queen bed because I love to snuggle! I was sad when we got a king because my hubby was so much farther away! But it's comfy I'm not gonna lie."
  • "We upgraded and stayed with a Queen. I’ve heard once you go King you can’t go back and read somewhere it’s better for marriages, tho I bet that depends on how much your partner snores 🤣"

And again, now that I am noticing them everywhere I really think they look good (kings), but I just don’t think one would work in our 1937 home. Especially because we were going to the trouble of building a custom bed and getting a brand new mattress, it would’ve been a great time to get a king!! So it is kind of a missed opportunity and I’m a little bummed. But, Jason is totally cool with it and supports the keeping-a-queen decision, and we agree it’s just not the time. Maybe in the next house! I can always build another bed! ;)

The new mattress

Lucid sent me this new mattress and I am so excited. I have been having a lot of back problems since having Otto, and I realized that our pillow top memory foam mattress/box spring set was just not right. It was way too soft. (One time for some reason I couldn’t sleep and slept on the couch for a couple hours, I think when Otto was really tiny and waking up all the time, and the moment I laid down on the couch it was such a relief because it was firmer!) So this is the 10" latex hybrid mattress, which is medium firm. Lucid is one of the only mail order mattress companies I’ve seen that has different options for firmness. I just don’t feel comfortable ordering a mattress online, even if it’s highly rated, when there is only one choice! With Lucid you can to choose firm, medium firm, medium plush, etc. And several options with in each category. (Go Mattresses/Shop by Comfort/choose your firmness.)

The DIY bed

So, the bed. We followed this tutorial for the platform, almost exactly, with a few modifications because I’m going to be slipcovering the whole thing. I thought about creating more of a box for the headboard to get more of the look of the Restoration Hardware slipcovered bed I liked, but didn’t put thought into it and that would’ve made it stick out more from the wall, and ended up just going with more of the Serena and Lily inspiration look which I also like a lot.

I will definitely share a full tutorial for this bed when it’s done and slipcovered! In the meantime, you can see more of our progress in my Instagram story highlights.

It’s naked right now, with Sharpie on the batting showing through at the top of the headboard and the bare wood legs exposed, and of course all the staples if you look close, but I am really enjoying having a taller, more prominent bed in our room!

(Yes, I still have to remove that old hardware and have some serious cord management to do. And need a bigger plant.)

In fact, once I put up the lamps and our new baskets in the nightstands, the room is really feeling like a real, decorated bedroom and it has felt so good the past few times I've walked in!

Lamps, baskets, rug, and more decor items

I mentioned the lamps and baskets... I will link similar lamps in the slideshow below! I love the baskets, they are perfect to add flexible storage in the sleek, simple nightstands.

Also--the RUG is here!!! I just haven't had time (and help) to unroll it and set it up, can't wait to do that! Once that's done I will decide for sure on the fabric swatches for the bed slipcover.

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