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When and how to use gallery walls, and how to choose photos and art for them

What is a gallery wall? I tried to find a definition but couldn't. You probably know one when you see one, though. On Episode 10 of the Your Home Story podcast we talk allll about gallery walls, including types (3D, grid-style, family photographs, more free-flowing...) and how to choose photographs and art for them.

Read on to see my favorite tips, and my big gallery wall fail!!!

We talk about different looks for gallery walls--eclectic, bohemian, preppy…? A mix of frame sizes/3D elements is more eclectic. In a grid/same distance apart/same size frames is done in more traditional homes. Here's an eclectic example.

I loved Ashley's perspective on using gallery walls in different settings. Do you want it to be the focus of the room like above a couch, or more accessory like around a desk with monitor and storage too? Identifying how it will be used will help set the sizes for the pieces. (Oh, and Ashley has a great tip about that too, tune in for a very common mistake people make when sizing!!! See her post with tips about there here, too.) Here's one in Ashley's home.

There are generally two types of pieces you might hang in a gallery wall: photographs, or art (which could include some 3-D pieces). We talk about how to choose the right photos (when is black/white best?) and art/other pieces.  Oh, and how to arrange and hang the pieces well.

I've done quite a few gallery walls in my day, but they haven't always been successful. I used a random assortment of small, dirt cheap frames in our first apartments with photos from travels taken on disposable or cheap digital cameras. Then, in our townhouse, I upped my game a little and tried harder, and had a good mix of colors and neutrals, but it was too assorted and this dining room gallery wall never really worked.

Then, in our next home, I kept it simple with multiple pieces of art in our dining room (a micro-gallery wall, maybe) and really liked the result.

This episode is full of practical tips and ideas if you're looking to fill a large or tricky space with art in a gallery wall. Listen here, or in your favorite podcast player!

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