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33 weeks! Plus, weirdest pregnancy symptoms

33 weeks along now, and feeling really close to meeting baby. Cause it could safely happen in the next 1-2 months. Plus, my belly is looking really big and I've been feeling a lot more kicking lately!

I am definitely having more pregnancy symptoms nowadays than I was noticing a while back. Still feeling pretty good overall but definitely have had some bad back pain (it comes and goes), super emotional times ("I don't know why I'm crying!"), fatigue again, swelling in my ankles (hence my compression socks almost every day)...

Weirdest pregnancy symptoms!

But I've also had some weirder ones!! I've read that some women get thin, brittle nails in pregnancy, but mine have been growing SO much better than usual, getting really long so I actually have to cut all of them cause they're too long, not just cause one breaks like I used to do! (Maybe it's all the Vital Proteins collagen I've been having in my protein shakes.)

Also, less positive, this one's a little gross, warning: I've had a weird kind of dandruff but just in the center front right above my forehead. It's not light and flaky, it's more like the cradle cap babies get. So weird!! I haven't read anything about this being related to pregnancy but I've never had anything like it before so I'm sure it is.

Final one, and this is a big one... I have HATED the smell of coffee almost this whole pregnancy. In the early days it added to nausea/ickiness, but even now when I'm not feeling woozy most of the time I get SO grossed out by the smell of coffee being roasted, ground, or poured. I actually don't mind the taste at all! I've had decaf here and there, no issues. But I cannot stand when Jason or one of my parents makes pour-over coffee, and we have these fancy machines at work that make coffee or espresso on demand and the kitchens always smell like freshly made coffee and I hate it. It always smells burnt or stale to me, even when Jason makes the good stuff. I did read in one pregnancy article somewhere that the smell or taste of coffee could be an issue for women in pregnancy so I don't feel crazy about this one. Ugh, it's bad.

Other than those and the pretty standard minor inconveniences... things are going really textbook normal and I am SO grateful, after having a lot of anxiety about pregnancy for so long.

(I shared last time that blood pressure and glucose have been in check, and they continue to be. So awesome.) Baby has been moving around a TON lately, even more in the daytime than before--I bet it's getting crowded and a little uncomfortable in there so it feels like a lot of kicking, wiggling, and hip-shifting. Also this weird vibration thing when I'm laying down sometimes? We mentioned that to the midwife and she said, "Yes, we don't know why they do that." The vibrating movement is a real weird feeling, though!

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