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Home Decor Trends for 2018

I am excited about this one!! Every January you see a bunch of posts about trends to watch in the coming year--fashion, colors, home design, kitchens... (and trends that we should see going out). Often these articles seem a little arbitrary, sometimes even contradictory... but occasionally I see where they're coming from and can get behind them!

We talked about home dec trends for 2018 (and what's going out from 2017 and before) on this week's episode of the Your Home Story Podcast, but a picture = 1,000 words, all that--so here are my notes to articles I recommend plus some compelling images!

Home decor trends for 2018

Just a few of my faves I've read about recently...

Warm tones instead of cool greys

Refinery 29 says “Scandinavian style used to be all about stark whites and washed grays, but these colors are about to fall out of fashion in the coming year. Rich and earthy tones are making an appearance in minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired homes, from deep burgundy reds and burnt oranges to rusty terracottas and murky greens. These warmer colors feel cozy without interfering with the clean aesthetic the Nordic decorating style is known for.” The Everygirl says “The best way to keep this style feel fresh is by making sure to infuse a heavy dose of a lighter neutral to balance out the moodier tones. A soft ivory is always your friend!”

Mixed metals, rather than matchy-matchy all the time

I've been into this one for a long time (see: our master bathroom reno lighting/hardware), but apparently it's up 423% in Pinterest searches recently. Studio McGee is pro at this and has two articles: here and here.

Other metals-related trends these articles mention were matte metals. The Everygirl: “Zillow expects to see a rise in homeowners choosing matte hardware finishes over shiny silver or gold, especially in the kitchen.” But also brass, particularly aged. But I also read it might be on its way out in favor of black hardware. So really... the jury is out on which metals, but mixing is good.

Wood, light wood

I saw pieces that mentioned wood textures, light wood cabinets, bleached walnut, natural accents like wood bowls. Reminds me of the spring Magnolia collection--like this clock!

Tune in to the episode to hear more trends, and what Ashley and I think of them!

Trends that are going out from 2017 or before

This one is maybe a little easier to predict since we've already seen the looks of 2017 and before. There are quite a few I saw in multiple places, but I'll highlight just three in this post cause of how I feel about them.

All-white kitchens

The Everygirl: “Expect to see more color in kitchens next year, especially for homeowners planning to sell. Zillow data shows homes with blue kitchens sell for $1,800 more than homes with white kitchens. From painting island cabinets a navy blue, to contrasting white countertops with medium or light wood cabinets, adding color and texture in the kitchen can help make the space feel more comfortable and inviting.” And “...after further consideration, I do like the idea of adding more contrast instead of the (admittedly) common white wall, white countertop, white backsplash combination. The key is keeping the color and contrast to accents to keep the room feeling classic and timeless.”

Country Living (Houzz data) also says they will be replaced by “warm wood tones and new neutrals including cream, blue, and gray…”

Okay... so, I've been pinning white kitchens to my Dream Kitchens board since... 2011??, so I know this trend is not a new one. But I'm sorry, I think I may always love a white kitchen. I have seen a rise in fabulous non-white kitchens/cabinets in recent years, but I really hope I have a chance to design and live in a seriously white kitchen one of these days soon and I hope it doesn't look dated too quickly!

I think maybe the point is white can work, but you need SOME color and interest.

Statement walls

I've spent a lot of time looking at house listing photos recently. I can tell you people really took the advice of "paint can transform a room" to heart and there are a lot of VERY colorful rooms and/or statement walls in otherwise plain houses that do. not. work. So I am glad to see this one on the list!

Per Lauren Leiss. Country Living: “Instead, for interest, incorporate timeless texture such as millwork and wainscoting (Houzz says both are trending for 2018) or statement ceilings, one of Pinterest's top home predictions

"Random Architectural Elements"

Country Living: “We love barn doors just as much as the next country gal, but architectural elements should be cohesive with the style of your home, Liess says. For example, barn doors just don't look right in an otherwise traditional house, nor do formal columns in a suburban space.”

Yes!! I love Joanna Gaines as much as the next person, but I am a little tired of seeing barn doors in every kind of house inspired by what is more appropriate in a farmhouse or industrial look. Let's try something new!

Here are all the articles I found valuable and referenced:

  1. Refinery 29 2018 trends
  2. The Everygirl 2018 trends and what’s out from 2017 (via this Zillow trends piece)
  3. Country Living 2018 trends
  4. My Domaine 2018 trends

Check out the episode for more trends and our thoughts!! Listen in your favorite podcast player, iTunes, or right here!

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