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Your Home Story Episode 2: All About Painting Cabinets

As I shared in this post, I've started a podcast, Your Home Story! With my co-host Ashley of Bigger than the Three of Us.

Episodes 1-3 are live now and I hope you download and love them!

Episode 2 is one of our deep dives, with practical tips and experience on a sometimes daunting task--painting cabinets. Read on for my episode notes and to listen online if you like!

Episode 2: All About Painting Cabinets

Ashley and I have both painted our kitchen cabinets, and she's done some bathroom ones, too.

In the episode we talk about the projects we've done (I painted our dingy oak cabinets, tutorial here, and Ashley got new fronts and painted them and her existing bases) and why we both used and loved the same brand/line of paint.

We talk about when to reuse and paint your cabinets versus when to give up and replace! And some hybrid options like Ashley's replaced doors.

We cover equipment we used and what we recommend, and tutorials we recommend beforehand like this video from Young House Love ages ago.

We also recommend you check out a couple of other sources and inspirations--Place of My Taste painted IKEA cabinets that were newer, something you don't see too often, and it looks amazing! And here's a very detailed series about painting oak cabinets.
Source: Place of My Taste

Tune in to find out how we both feel about our experiences and if we'd do it again!!

Finally, you can enter our $250 giveaway with Framebridge by leaving a review in iTunes. We'd love to hear from you there and/or in our Facebook group and by email, yourhomestorypodcast@gmail.com.

You can listen/download on your phone in iTunes or your favorite podcast app, or listen online or just stream from the blog post about each episode. Hope you love it!!!!!

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