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Your Home Story Episode 3: How to Identify Your Home Style

In this episode of Your Home Story, we talk about how and why to define your home style. The look or aesthetics you're most drawn, the style that you want in your bedroom, your living room, your kitchen... maybe you're drawn to a lot. You may be asking, Why pick a style? Why not just collect and decorate with all the stuff you like? Well, we answer those questions and more!

Episode notes for episode 3 include...

Episode 3: How to Identify Your Home Style

We talk about what it means to have an aesthetic you continually are drawn to and use in your home, and why you might want to narrow it down to one or two. And how to do that!

We talk about style quizzes and what they're useful for. Some we recommend: My Domaine home style, HGTV home style, My Domaine Spirit Pattern. Also, Home Edit Guides to home styles.

A hot issue for me (since we're trying to buy a historic home that is way different than our previous 90's builder basic one, read more on that here), we talk about how much of your decor style is or should be dictated by the character of your home. Some Instagram accounts that work with their home age/style: Grit and PolishEmily NetzFrancois et MoiAshley @ The Gold Hive.
Source: @ashleykgoldman

We also talk about narrowing down which of your favorite styles will work in your home, and defining style by designer instead of just general aesthetic (examples: Amber Interiors, Studio McGee). I mean, you guys have heard me gush about Amber Interiors many times before, I bet you can see how I could consider her style a legit decor style!
Source: Amber Interiors

Sneak preview: episode 4, out next Tuesday, will take you through the next step of what to do once you've identified your home style!

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