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What does your Christmas list say about you? And, what’s on my wishlist this year

Real talk for a minute, then the fun part.

I get anxiety about getting gifts. I have for a long time now, probably since I started buying things for myself and understanding money. I worry that unless I LOVE the gift, the person who gave it to me may have more than what I would have spent on it, or not found a good deal, or maybe will be hurt if I don't use it ALL the time.

Jason has helped me talk through this anxiety a lot but I still have a hard time making a Christmas list for myself. With my sort-of-minimalist goals (I don't want too much stuff in the house so I want it all to be stuff I really love) and anxiety about other people's budgets, I have a hard time coming up with general categories of things I'd like, and I feel weird asking for A specific bag or makeup thing or whatever. And, I usually buy myself whatever clothes or house things I want because they're on sale this time of year and I think through it and plan it out and buy them.

BUT I did make a short list of things I'd like this year, and I realized it probably says a lot about me. I was thinking it would just show my anxiety and difficulty having fun with gifts (I feel like I am a bummer sometimes), but I think it reflects where I am in my life right now too.

My Christmas Wishlist

I feel like I'm supposed to ask for just treat things, like the robes and bronzers and metallic headphones you see in gift guides. But I don't use or want most of those things. What do I want, really??? Practical things and very specific things I buy myself. So I'm proud that I came up with this list of things others could buy me!

(Also, Jason and my mom told me I can't ask for stuff for the baby. Darn, that would have been practical.)

  1. A treat: Soy candles that smell like trees. I bought a couple fir ones this season but have burned 1.5 of them and I'm in a candle phase now so I'd like some natural, not-too-sweet, plant-ey smelling ones to burn the next couple months. 
  2. Practical: A wide-angle lens for my full-frame camera that can take whole room shots. I struggled SO much with this at the Stanley 90's Reno and got so frustrated by my camera at the end. The recommended ones (I like this article) are $1,500 or $1,700 new... (and I cannot bring myself to spend that.) but I did some research for wide-angle lenses under $500 and I found this good option, also recommended by some articles, for a much more stomach-able price. 
  3. A treat that I got overwhelmed by and need help shopping for: Hearth & Hand Magnolia line from Target! I shared the most popular and my faves here but as I said there I really couldn't choose to buy much of it myself! Plus, we don't have our own place right now so nowhere to put it. But I do really like a lot of it. 
  4. Practical and a treat: Gift cards. I know they're impersonal, but they're sort of perfect for me because I can use and appreciate the full value the gifter shares with me, cause I can really think about my purchases and buy what I want. And, they're small and can be used later once we move into our next home! I think Home Goods and Target gift cards would be great because I can use them on home decor which I love and/or baby stuff later this year.

So, look at that. I made a list. (4 days before Christmas, but the point is I made it.) And I it's 50/50 practical things (cause I'm still me) and gift-ey treats! 

What's usually on your Christmas list? The same things every year, like cashmere and chocolate, or tech gadgets, or books? Or do you make a list of specific items and send your family links?

I wonder what kinds of Christmas list-making are most common! I also wonder what the mix of items says about you... are you practical or into luxury? Are you a homebody or adventurer? Give it some thought this year and it might make you feel more grateful for the gifts you want and get!

On my list this year:

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