Best of the Magnolia + Target Hearth & Hand collection

You've probably heard about the Hearth & Hand collection by Chip and Joanna Gaines that hit Target stores on November 5th. If you were out shopping, you may have seen lots of stylish-looking women hitting up Target first thing that Sunday morning, and if you were at home, you may have seen loooooots of Instagram Stories of the same iron house-shaped frame inside the store, and the same cute kitchen and holiday goodies in black, cream, and green. This is probably one of the more universally exciting Target collaborations ever and the buzz has been huge!

I checked it out in person and yes, it is fabulous. In case you haven't had a chance to peruse all the goodness online or in-store, I've rounded up my faves plus the items I've seen the most excitement about among fellow shoppers and home design influencer community!

Turns out their current aesthetic is SO perfect for the holidays, too.

Home, holiday, kitchen and dining... so many good things. Here's a sampler!

Honestly it's hard to choose favorites!! Unfortunately I didn't buy a ton because we're moving and I won't be decorating for the holidays (so sad), otherwise I would be ALL OVER that tree skirt, stockings, and kitchen towels!

Here are ALL my faves and the top picks I've seen! What's your fave?????

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