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Fair isle: The practical minimalist's ugly Christmas sweater alternative

I realized something this year. I went to the annual White Elephant-style mug swap some friends do, which is SO fun, and I read last-minute on the invite that it was also an ugly sweater party. I have one red patterned, not really ugly, sweater... but I thought back, and I've worn that to this same party at least once before. Last year I wore a red plaid shirt and black vest. In a hurry, I put on the same thing this year. No ugly sweater for me.

But I realized... I kind of want to get rid of that red sweater. It's like 5 years old, and kind of pilling, and I only wear it around the holidays. I don't have room in my sweater drawer for bulky sweaters I only wear once or twice a year and feel tired of.

I've never owned a true ugly Christmas sweater because I definitely don't want something I only wear once to a party. I don't consider myself a serious, capital letter, MINIMALIST, but I am practical and I do enjoy owning only the things I need or love.

But what's the alternative? I do like being festive for holiday parties! Even work. I realized what I really wanted before that Christmas mug swap was a really cute, chunky, cozy, navy fair isle sweater. Versatile but also festive!

I went to two stores but didn't find exactly what I wanted, and I don't like shopping in a rush anyway. So after the party I did some online shopping and found some great fair isle pattern sweaters!

I ordered one two!
(See the baby bump? It's really showing now! Latest pregnancy update here.)

This sweater is SO cozy, and paired with a red hat it has extra holiday spirit.

I've also been wearing big blanket scarves like this over my belly at work cause I haven't felt quite like flaunting it yet. I think I will after Christmas break.

I ordered this sweater in both the navy and grey versions. It's basically sold out now but I've rounded up a bunch of classy, wearable options that are also festive! Click on the black/white plus signs for links.

In navy or grey it's versatile--Christmasey with red accessories, or I'm pretty sure it's great for January cold days, too. I bet I can come up with a LOT more than one or two places per year to wear it!!

Shop the look here!

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