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Our beautiful, FAST holiday cards this year!

I have a new goal for next year--order my holiday cards on Thanksgiving weekend--but I've never been that early before. This year I just ordered them this week and thankfully it was fast!!

This post is in partnership with Minted, who provided our holiday cards this year.

How to order holiday cards--FAST

I do this every year, but oops--it's time to order holiday cards NOW and I haven't sat down yet to do it. This year we traded taking photos with our friends at the Christmas tree farm, so I had the photos first weekend of December.

I've got a routine down now--I love ordering from Minted, and it's super easy now to 1) pick a design, 2) get it finalized, and 3) place the order with ALL THE RETURN ADDRESSES ALREADY PRINTED on the envelopes!! It is the greatest thing.

First, we chose the photo we wanted to use. I liked one of the more normal ones, but Jason really wanted to share this goofy one--it's holiday wishes and baby announcement in one! Minted lets you see all their designs with your photo of choice so it's really easy to see which ones might work with your photo.

Jason helped me pick out the one we chose. I get analysis paralysis and keep millions of tabs open with lots of options... but he really liked this one, so it was easy!

Then we wrote a few paragraphs about our year. You can choose photo background, text, photo and text, cute design, whatever you want... but I like to have enough room for a message so went with this. I actually had to make a special request that a designer move the text up so there was room, so I did wait an extra day for a proof (optional).

Finally, I edited my Excel spreadsheet address book that I update every year. A few people had moved so I got their current addresses and uploaded the file to my Minted account. Then used those for the envelopes.

They came in less than a week!

Seriously, having the return addresses already printed on my 70 envelopes is HUGE for me!! I'm not sure I could bear to hand-write them after using Minted's handy printing these past few years. (Oh, and it's free to use the address upload feature and have return addresses printed!)

There are a couple of great discounts going at Minted right now if you're a last-minute orderer like me!

Now I just have to stamp them. :P 

Thanks again to Minted for providing our holiday cards this year!

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