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Fixer upper gift guide! For the DIYer/Home Improvement Lover

It’s that time of year again and I am pumped!! I love the holidays and really enjoy thinking about gifts for people, always wish I spent more time on it than I can find later in the season. So I want to start earlier this year and be a "first-minute shopper" (term I just heard for the first time the other day!!).

I’ve shared a few of our favorite, most useful, best purchase items during our home renovation of last year, and I had a request for a gift guide with more ideas! So if you have any new homeowners or even seasoned home improvement lovers who could use some new tools (or if that’s you!) please enjoy these ideas for useful, but still exciting, gifts!

These are not boring things like extension cords--these are things you and your friends and family will actually want, not just need!

Things for hard work, big projects, little projects, rest and relaxation, and celebrating your DIY efforts!

Read my notes on each of these below and click the black/white plus sign icons to shop.

What'd I miss? What are your favorite project, inspiration, or relaxation projects after you've finished working on a DIY project (or just cleaning up around the house)?

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