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Sweaters for fall/winter--for the very occasional, reluctant shopper like me

I used to love shopping. In high school, shopping for clothes was probably my favorite activity. I saved my allowance and lunch money up and took lunches from home so I could accumulate enough to buy quasi-designer brands at Nordstrom Rack. I went shopping after school, on weekends... this was before online shopping was that successful, so you really had to go out to do it. SO time-consuming.

I had time back then I guess, but now, I almost never make time for shopping and I find it so unpleasant when I do decide I want to buy something in particular and I go to multiple stores and can't find it.

I guess you could say "I hate shopping"... but, what I've found works for me is avoiding the stores altogether most of the year, then around November-December when there are really good sales and my wardrobe is looking pretty boring, I treat myself with what I need and it feels so good.

So I did that again recently--ONLINE!! I bought myself sweaters, a quilted vest, some tops, and some maternity jeans...

It was a big success. I ordered two sizes of a couple things like the jeans, and returned the wrong size to the store. But the sweaters all fit, which is great because they are almost sold out of some in-store.

I feel so stylish in the new pieces. I have seriously been wearing the same few plaid shirts and favorite jeans to work for the past few months, and coming up dry for cute social events, so this is huge for me.

I love this lace-up grey textured sweater--grey, my favorite, super safe color, but made interesting with the lace-up detail. I also finally found a hat that comes in two sizes so it fits my big head!

(Baby bump is still pretty small so the only maternity things I bought were jeans--hope I can keep wearing normal tops a while!!)

Also, as I shared on Instagram yesterday, I traded in my very old, stained, pilling grey hoodies for this fun fringed sweater and it's great for around the house, errands, even going out looking cute. I'm trying to wear nicer stuff at home to feel less sloppy! ;)

This sweater has a ruffle at the bottom edge and this textured one is so flattering.

Best part--I placed a couple of orders online with great sales, waited a few days, and VOILA--a bunch of new clothes, without dealing with sales people, parking, etc. Okay, and I went to the store for a few things and returns... but I was already aware of some of the product lines and knew what I wanted to try on, so it went better. Though the selection was worse in-store.

I think I've really found my groove--no shopping most of the time, then buy things I really like and need a couple times a year.

Shop my purchases here! They have been selling out so not all colors are available, but check now!

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