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The most amazing fabric for DIY boho pillows in the new house!

It's the first sewing I've done since before we moved in October, and it was a total success!

I have a thing for pillows right now. I noticed a while back that so many of my home decor pins involved really fabulous pillows. Lots of "global" boho prints, shibori dyed ones, variations in texture and wear, mix and match rather than symmetrical... and lots of blues! Here are a few inspirations:
Sources: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

So many fabulous blues!!

I'm a DIYer. You know this. When I can, I like to make things myself! But I don't have access to all these imported and vintage fabrics... but I still wanted to make my own. I wasn't sure I could find commercially available fabrics to get this look at all! But Fabric.com has tons of interesting home decor prints, and they sent me some to try out!

(If you want to make your own pillow covers, you can check out this pillow tutorial I did ages ago (after the appliqué steps). I've found a super simple, quick method for making basic square pillows and I made all five of these in just a couple hours! I put all the zippers in first, then sewed all the right-sides-together seams. So fast.)

First I tested out my pillow forms to see how many pillows and of what sizes would fit. I decided these five were good!

I played with the fabric, folding it around the pillow forms to see which patterns worked best where. I learned this trick from a friend long ago who would buy new fabric for pillows every season or two. She took her pillows seriously! It really does help when doing more than one DIY pillow cover at once!

So I sewed them up, and voilà! I added in a woven pillow from HomeGoods which mixes up the textures and scale of the patterns.

They pair fabulously with the vintage rug I recently found on Craigslist. Even though I picked out these fabrics months ago!

And they work well with the natural elements of our DIY leather ottoman, this basket, and our bamboo blinds.

After months of storing boxes and extra flooring, being largely ignored and in the way, our family room is finally becoming really cozy and pretty! We've started actually spending some time in here with the new rug and inviting, pillowed couch!

The fabrics I used from Fabric.com are:

And you can shop the other items in our family room (or similar ones) here!

Thanks to Fabric.com for sponsoring this post!

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