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Super simple, $20 update: New matching hall flush mount lights

I'm sure I've said it before, and I'll say it again--lighting is one of the easiest, most budget-friendly updates you can do in a home!

Our home was built in 1992 and had builder basic lighting throughout. It wasn't the worst thing there was (except the brass chandelier and kitchen fluorescent); mostly white mushroom style. But they were old and dirty with layers of paint and ancient masking tape from old paint jobs on them. And were the bug trapper style.

Having cohesive lighting throughout our home was important to me since I want it to look pulled together and intentional, and like it was designed by the same person at once! I guess it will probably look that way for the most part anyway, but I have been making a lot of decisions and making lighting consistent was an easy way to tie things together without too much hard work and planning!

Hall lighting isn't always noticeable, but is another opportunity for showing off a home's style and design elements. Like in this photo--those lights really make it special!

I had a hard time justifying replacing the bug trapper white globes we had, since they were functional and not hideous, but this lighting update came right around when I picked out our kitchen pendant light and I thought it would be a good opportunity to find hall lights that matched. I shopped around lots but found these simple flush mount lights for about $20 each that match the kitchen pendant! And the Edison bulbs make the look.

You may remember from our "before" tour... here's what this hall looked like before!!

I love how simple these little fixtures are! I installed them myself one Saturday morning!

I also installed one in the downstairs hall outside the laundry room (which has had no work done to it so please disregard that dirty door, dryer that doesn't fit right now, and subfloor!). (Also, what am I going to do with that yellowed doorbell?!)

I really feel good having all three match!

If your home needs a little update, I highly recommend you consider swapping out light fixtures and going for a matching look! Here are the ones I chose, plus the kitchen pendant which is a different brand but is very close to matching, and the bulbs we went with.

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