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Moulding and the nail gun, estate sales, and the SWEETEST rug. #stanley90sreno week 18 progress

We are getting geared up for installing baseboards soon, but started out with some trim updates this weekend! And I went to 6 estate sales (we had 8 on the list but you know how it goes) and got the most fabulous vintage rug. OMG.

First a sneak peek of the rug. I cannot believe I own something this cool.

Okay, the trim project. So we need to install baseboards throughout the house now that the flooring is mostly in, but haven't bought it yet and am definitely dreading that project a little bit. I did want to get my feet wet a little though and we had a few pieces of trim that we had to remove to fix some drywall so we started out with the nail gun on those. My dad came over Saturday with his compressor and nail gun. We put the pieces back so now our sliding glass door and family room window finished (minus baseboards!).

I do need to fill and paint the nail gun holes, but... that is a pretty darn low priority compared with all of the other work we have to do around here. Womp womp.


We also made some big progress on our master bath--we are moving the functioning door from the toilet room (we will be tearing out that wall soon) to the entrance to the vanity room which leads into the closet and toilet room. It was formerly just a doorway with no door, so whoever's sleeping gets light shown into their eyes when the other person uses it. Not a great design.

So we removed the door opening trim...

And installed it in the main bathroom entry opening!

Now I need to fill those holes and prime and paint the whole frame--then we can install the door!!

Meanwhile, I'm still shopping. Everywhere. Online, on Craiglist, Facebook, and at 6 estate sales and a couple quick Goodwill stops this weekend! But my biggest purchase was this antique rug from someone on Craigslist. It was definitely more than I was hoping to spend for the family room rug, and we weren't sure if we might want a larger one, but the colors were SO perfect and it is absolutely insanely cool.

It's a nonstandard size, about 6'x10' I think, so we ran it the long way of the room and are still not sure where the couch is going to go so it may be perfect for how we use it. I finished up the throw pillows for this couch last night as well and they have blues and reds that will tie in nicely.

After online window shopping for SO MANY rugs I still can't quite believe I took the plunge and bought this one, and it was a lot of money (though still a good deal compared to other vintage rugs I've seen online)... but already we've enjoyed this room more with this cool item in here and I hope it kicks off some decorating ideas for the family room. There has been talk of hanging our guitars on the wall, getting a cool vintage media console for the grandparents' record player, and some art ideas. It has been too much of a blank slate for those ideas to materialize just yet but I think the rug helps!

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