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Beautiful bohemian pillows: Tutorial!

I've shared inspiration and ideas before from Anthropologie and other places for beautiful work-of-art pillows--so small, but they have such an effect on a room!

When I was in a productive, scrap-busting mood the other day I made a couple of Anthro-ey pillows from my pile of pretty-colored scraps.  I did a tutorial for the Orimono pillow a while ago, and am happy to share another tutorial for a pretty appliqué one!

Here's the inspiration:

And here's a tutorial to do this yourself!

  • Collect your pretty fabric scraps and leftover pieces...
  • Cut a square 1" bigger than your pillow in both width and length.  I like my pillow covers to fit snugly, so for my 18" pillow I cut a 19" square.
  • Cut out shapes that you want to appliqué on.  This rose print was a lovely home dec silk that my mom made a dress for me out of years ago.  I still have the scraps and was able to put them to good use!  I didn't have enough full roses to do more than one or two big stems, but I framed the pillow using the edge pieces and made a nice border out of it.  Arrange the shapes as you like.
  • Pin your shapes down.  Lots of pins!  You could use spray adhesive on the back of the fabric first in lieu of pins, but I didn't feel like going outside to spray...

  • Note: My pillow fabric, that woven stripe, was rather thin, so I reinforced it with a layer of quilting fabric I didn't want.  You can use muslin or whatever you like, but this extra layer will make your pillow last much longer.

  • To the machine!  Sew your shapes down.  I recommend a zigzag stitch.  Go all the way around your appliqués.

  • Great!  Now, you'll be ready to put on the zipper and attach to the back side of the pillow, if you have it done.  Again you'll need a square 1" bigger than your pillow form, and you can choose to make it plain or fancy.  I wanted to maximize my pillow stylings since I don't have room for lots of pillows but I did want to try out multiple Anthro pillow looks, so I did a fancy back.  I'll show you a tutorial for it soon!
  • Attach your zipper.  I'm using an invisible zipper.

  •  Open the zipper a few inches so you can reach your hand through, and sew the other three sides of the pillow.

  •  Clip your corners...

  • Press the three side seams flat, as much as you can.

  •  Turn right side out, and put on pillow!

As I said, tutorial for the back side (and for other super cool pillow styles) coming up soon!


  1. Anonymous5/31/2011

    I love your Anthropology inspired cushion, great tutorial too!

  2. Beautiful cushion, congratulations, looks much like the one you used for inspiration.
    I am your admirer and I find it amazing that you're doing your own wedding dress, I'm anxious to see the result, be sure he'll be perfect.


    Eilane - Brazil

    (sorry for any mistake, I'm using a google translator)

  3. fab! looks really lovely :)

  4. That turned out beautiful. great job.

  5. Thanks. very inspirational. I like the "backing" idea to strengthen the pillow. You make a zipper look easy.

  6. I just saw this on the threadsence blog. I'm glad you said something to them in the comments. You'd think that a successful boutique would be more respectful of your intellectual property, but they probably have a random intern who writes blog features.



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