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The end of Phase I is in sight. #stanley90sreno week 16!

We've made such progress on the flooring install in the past couple weeks that I can almost see the end of what we've been thinking of as Phase I of the reno!

We finished flooring the final bedroom/future guest room this weekend, huge closet and all. It's a funky room with a hall into it. Here's the before.

Now all we have left to do of flooring are a couple closets downstairs. Then we have to install baseboards. For that part, I am a little terrified. (How long will that take??) The other part of Phase I is the tile backsplash, vent hood, and open shelves in the kitchen. Then we are DONE with the major part of the reno!! (I'm not counting the bathrooms, since they are all fully functional, and we need a break before that!)

We also made two big lighting improvements in the kitchen! We replaced the can light (which had a broken stub of a bulb and lots of dead bugs in it) with this goooorgeous pendant light and recessed can light kit. Took quite a few steps and I think I'll blog about it soon!

We also replaced the fluorescent light (which had had two burned out bulbs and of course was completely hideous--whoever thought using these in residential settings would be okay?!?!?!) with this LED light. I got a couple quotes from some electricians for replacing the big fluorescent guy with can lights, which would be ideal, and it's actually not too expensive but there's all the drywall damage to deal with as well and I'm just not up for that right now. So this $30 LED fixture was a cheap, totally acceptable solution for now. SUCH an improvement!

We've also gotten into a good pattern the past couple weekends of work hard Saturday, do slightly more fun work Sunday. I've done a lot of flooring the past couple Saturdays, and exciting stuff like moving furniture around on Sunday! Getting couches in the right rooms and stuff into the house from the garage is a gooooood feeling! Here are some before/afters for you--just tidying things up and choosing pieces for each room, still need large rugs for both these spaces, and art on the walls! Also, we have more plants than we have horizontal surfaces for.

See the couch swap?

We do miss having weekends off to hike, maybe do some shopping or window shopping, and just focus on groceries and prepping for the week. Ahhh, someday. For now I will just live vicariously through all of you who Instagram about doing fun weekend stuff on my breaks from Craigslist shopping for rugs on all my free time. It's temporary.

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