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Affordable decor and the difference lighting makes. Dining room update

Now that we have flooring in the whole first floor of the house, things are really starting to feel homey and normal in here. And I'm getting a chance to play around with decor! There's one piece we're totally settled on, though!

I've been back and forth on our dining room chairs and table, and really just happened on the blue rug we put in here. But the first piece of decor we settled on in this dining room was this light fixture.

Here's what the room looked like a couple months ago. We had moved the dining table in but hadn't really unpacked the kitchen and had tools everywhere. BUT, as soon as we installed the light fixture I could see the room coming together! (If you want to see the true before--it's in our "before" tour! Hint: original 1992 shiny brass.)

I did really debate about what kind of statement lighting we wanted in this room. I started noticing chandeliers and big pendants in dining rooms and there are so many cool options! Mid-century/atomic gold burst ones, modern metal ones, drippy vintage-ey ones, the classic drum... so many. They can get really expensive, though.

A company called Designer Living reached out to me about trying out their affordable home decor goodies, and I was so drawn to their lighting. Here are a few of my faves. Everything on their site is a great price and way less than you'd expect at a high end decor retailer! I love the retro look of some of these pieces, and modern, classy, minimal look of some.
1. Lamp / 2. Chandelier / 3. Pendant / 4. Desk lamp

The fixture we got, the Cyrus Chandelier, is only $199 (before the 15-20% off you can get if you sign up for emails!) and also comes in a brushed gold color. Ohhhh, I had the hardest time choosing between the bronze-black and gold! I'm happy with what we got but man, they both are beautiful.

It looks a lot like a West Elm one you may have seen around, but is $100 less!

It ties in with the darker colors in the room but is a bold statement against the white walls! And because of the clear glass bulbs, it's not too heavy or overbearing. It's modern but also playful. Goes really well with the new chairs, and...

...in one corner of the dining room, with the vintage buffet I got at the Restore. I need some lessons on styling it, as you can see. Part of the problem is we haven't unpacked a whole lot of stuff to put on it yet! But that's a problem for another day...

The dining room is really feeling close to done and this fab light fixture is a big part of that! Changing out lighting is such a small thing--less than $200 and less than an hour or so of work that you can do yourself--and can you imagine the difference between this and the dated, dusty, shiny brass chandelier that had been there since 1992??! Why don't people do this kind of update all the time?!

Check out Designer Living if you're looking for affordable updates to your lighting or wall art, bedding, and more.

Thanks to Designer Living for sending me this chandelier!

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