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A finished living room! And dining room? #Stanley90sreno week 15

I'm feeling good! Let's see, what have we been doing... finished the flooring in the living room, moved in more furniture, finished some decor in the dining room, replaced lighting, and more!

I spent allllllll day Saturday laying flooring. I didn't do a huge amount in terms of square footage, but they were awkward areas and it took quite a while. BUT I got the living room and downstairs hall done--that means we now have continuous laminate flooring throughout almost the whole downstairs!

Coming down the stairs now you see cohesive, connected, elegant flooring and the living room, foyer, and hall all blend together nicely! Plus we now have flooring all the way out to the window, and it's like a whole extra room there! We had been storing boxes and a ladder and junk there and it was one of the last places to remain subfloor, so this is HUGE.

This also meant that we could bring in some of the bulky stuff from the garage... like a few bigger chairs that have been taking up a lot of room and blocking the file cabinet. I also sold a couple things from the garage including a shelving unit, so I brought a bunch of the boxes that had been sitting on it into the office (which is now a big mess of boxes). I would really like to do some sewing soon, so this is progress--the fabric and sewing machine are now inside!

Also last week our new dining chairs arrived and we put them together. The dining room is looking pretty good!! (We recently moved this rug in there.) I also hung a mirror and some art--Jason's grandpa did these charcoal sketches.

And I replaced our hall light fixtures! They were the plain white $8 ones and some of the globes had broken. I bought these cute flush mount fixtures for about $20 each and these LED Edison bulbs--what an improvement! I will have to show you some more context later when we have more unpacked.

I'm feeling really energized for this coming week. I want to reinstall some bi-fold doors, install more lighting, and start tackling the stuff in the office!

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