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Black four-poster beds, and a $40 DIY and tutorial

I have always loved bedroom decor. Bedrooms can be so pretty and personal. That means I love playing around with our decor at home!

Unfortunately for my husband, who likes things to stay the same... I have often been a serial bed owner. Until I did the pro tufting on the headboard my dad built for us, we owned several beds, several versions of that tufted headboard, lots of Craigslist updates and nightstand changes to go with. I loooooooved that grey velvet headboard but in our new home, I wanted to change more than just the bed. A whole new look.

I've gravitated toward the mid-century natural wood look, but this fab bed from West Elm is not quite in the budget right now. Maybe someday. I also found this black four-poster bed look and just fell in love! It's way more traditional than most of my favorite bedrooms, but somehow totally fresh and clean, too. 

I found a couple black four poster beds online, but nothing fabulous. I scrolled Craigslist and actually found several cool ones, usually for less than $100! It looks like Sears made a lot of pine four-posters in the 90s that are now available on the used furniture circuit and may have a few scratches or missing finials, but are just great for this purpose. 

I found this one for $40 and transformed it! Here's how I did it!

Painted Four Poster Bed Makeover Tutorial

You will need:

  • Wooden bed frame
  • Wood filler (if any scratches/dents)
  • Spackle knife (if any scratches/dents)
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer (tinted if you will be using a dark color of paint)
  • Semi-gloss or satin sheen trim paint (I used Benjamin Moore Advance in Black)
  • Painting tools including small roller


1. Lightly sand down the bed (not to remove all of the finish, just to rough it up and even out small scratches). Brush dust off with damp cloth.

2. If you notice any scratches or gouges, apply wood filler with spackle knife. Let dry and sand and brush down. It's amazing what wood filler can do for dents and imperfections, especially when you're going to paint over it!

3. Prime bed pieces using an angled paint brush for the corners and inside areas and a small paint roller for the flat sides. Again, tinted primer if you're doing a dark paint color. Let dry. I did this step once for each side, flipping all of the pieces over about 24 hours after priming the first side.

4. Paint the first coat of paint, again doing the corners first with the brush and then the large, flat areas. I used a full size roller for the first coat but it was a bad choice. I used a small foam paint roller for the primer and second coat, much easier!! Let dry. Repeat second side.

5. Paint the second coat; let dry. Repeat second side.

6. Once fully dry, assemble bed.

I found that this was a great weeknight project cause I could do one coat in 30 minutes or so and then easily wait 24 hours for it to dry. And I don't have enough energy to do much else house project-wise on weeknights so it was nice to have a small project I could work on!

This particular bed was once an actual canopy bed, with a metal frame that has since been lost. It came with four wooden pegs that go in holes on top of the posts. They're plain disc shapes, but I did shop around online for decorative finials. I even ordered some, but ended up liking the posts just as they are so I didn't use them!

I did find a similar bed online for less than $400--if you're not into DIYing. I linked it and the other products we've decorated the bedroom with so far in this post! (This rug was an awesome price and we actually have it in blue in the dining room and tan in the bedroom.)

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