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Husband's take on my 'west coast clean and fresh' design style

As I shared earlier this week, we now have our FLOORING and getting that installed is making the whole place feel much homier. I feel like I can finally think about where furniture and art go--so key to feeling at home here!

So, I'm really thinking about the decor. As I shared a while back, my primary design goals have changed a little since talking to the husband about what we want our home to look like. But we both want white walls and dark floors, and a lot of black fixtures instead of brushed nickel or brass. We both love vintage-look oriental rugs with mid-century minimal furniture. There are definitely trends we disagree about, but for the most part our tastes are similar enough. I think of my style as "west cost clean and fresh"--light, open, natural elements, lots of neutrals and plants...

However, he recently got some questions from a friend about how our house was coming along. Did he really like the stark white walls? Was it too girly or design-ey for him? Was he getting vetoed on what he wanted? (I think were the questions.) I was really curious what his answer would be! He sent it to me and I really like it and thought you might, too!

In my husband's words, with some of my favorite inspiration images!

I like the modern styles, clean lines, etc. I just don't like when it seems not functional, so I like wood, metal, stone, and function before form. I don't like stylish things that have no purpose other than to look a certain way. 

We both watch Fixer Upper and often disagree about certain decisions in houses, so the things that appear in our house are a collaboration and compromise of things that we've both looked at. I take this really seriously because I care a lot about my house and Suzannah and I both care about making this house feel homier and less girly than the last one


It's a hard balance because I don't want everything to be too stark and constrasty, but I also want an open fresh feel. 

I think our challenge is going to be, how do we have the light walls and dark floor and still make it feel like a home and cozy?

So, that's what he thinks. After talking design with him for months now for our specific home, I have a better sense of what he likes and doesn't, though he can be a little unpredictable based on mood and details of photos! And I'll admit I chose these inspirations to go with his words. I hope he likes them.

I'm curious what your significant others think of your tastes!

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