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Major flooring progress, cabinet completion, and dining room chairs (VOTE!) - #stanley90sreno week 12

We are just giddy about our floors!! Over the past week and a half we've installed them in the bedroom/end of the upstairs hall, dining room, kitchen, family room, and office! We are more than 50% done and they are looking soooooo good. I've been sharing real time updates in my Instagram Stories so you can follow along there as well!

We also finished up our cabinets (crazy transformation, I will be sharing about it in more detail later this week) and are debating about our dining room chairs--I could really use your help choosing!

So, the floors. They look fabulous. As I shared last week, they're click laminate from Select Surfaces and they are way easier to install than the other laminate Jason and I have installed before. They are going really fast! We cannot wait to get more furniture moved in so we can feel less like we're camping in our house. :/ (We will need to do the baseboards before we get too comfortable, but at least I can make way more progress on designing and decorating once the flooring is in.)

And the cabinets! I changed my mind on the first hardware I installed so I had to switch it out. I ended up going with the modern brushed brass handles I had liked originally. This means our cabinet painting project is now done and I will share all about it later this week!! I am so happy with how our oak cabinet makeover turned out!

(As you can see we still have some work to do in the kitchen. Tiling the backsplash, installing the shelves, and installing the vent hood are coming closer to the top of the list! Ooooh, I can't wait to unpack more of our dishes once those shelves are up!)

Another room I've been thinking about is the dining room. I am now reconsidering our chairs (IKEA wicker, and with the cool new bamboo window blind I think there's just too much wicker/natural material in there), table (too blocky and dark), mid-century buffet (I don't think it goes with the table), and rug options (light or medium in tone?). I am pretty sure we need new chairs, and we will probably keep our table (we have this dining table), so maybe I can work the rest of the room around those pieces.

  • For a while I was thinking I would order the classic white Eames knockoff plastic chairs for the four side chairs, and something black and more traditional for the end chairs--but now I'm wondering if the plastic ones are too overdone or would look too plastic-ey against the richer colors of the floors and table. 
  • Probably ideally I would have some natural wood wishbone style low back chairs, though possibly also a different table--all out of the budget for now. 
  • But I also love the low spindle back chairs which are sort of wishbone-like... maybe I could do all 6 of those? 
  • Or off-white (since light chairs pop better against a dark table), plus something else on the ends? 
  • I also found some cool grey fabric Eames-ey ones that might be good for the middle chairs, but don't know what would go on the end.

Here are my top choices. What would you do????

The floors have been dominating our work at the house this past week but we do still have a few other things to work on next week. We are optimistic since the floors have been going in so fast--hope to finish those soon and move on to more big items!

Oh, also this week--we spent the New Year's weekend with Jason's grandparents on the ridge overlooking the straight on the Olympic Peninsula. It's always incredible up there but this time we were treated to this fresh snow plus the view of Canada, Port Angeles down below, and Olympic National Park up the mountains. I can't capture it on camera, but I always try.

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