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Our flooring is HERE!! Now I have to decorate. #stanley90sreno week 11

The biggest update of the past week is by far that our flooring is here. Finally! We have been living on the subfloor (painted) since we moved in and haven't brought much of our stuff in from the garage, so it's really felt more like camping around here (especially since our furnace is still broken so we huddle around space heaters a lot of the time!).

But last week, with the snow melted and delivery folks working again, we got our flooring shipment and started laying laminate as soon as possible!

I'll do a full post about our flooring (provided by Select Surfaces) when we have more progress, but for now had to update you on what we've fit into this holiday week!

We knew the first priority area would be our bedroom. We don't have a bed yet (DIY project planned!), or a rug, or curtains, or art, or a sense of where our furniture will ultimately go, but getting the floor down is an essential first step in those for me. Plus, we miss being able to walk around in socks or bare feet in our room. The subfloor was not comfy underfoot (understatement) and never felt truly clean.

We've never had a bedroom this big before, so now I'm not sure what to do with all the extra space we have! We may move the bed over and  maybe put the cool mid-century dresser under the window?? Which would be closer to the closet so would make sense. But I think we'll still have extra room and corners. Thoughts??

I did the closet by myself!

We brought in lots of boxes of the flooring from the garage to bring them up to room temperature a couple days before the big downstairs install yesterday.

Jason set up the saws (three--table saw, chop saw, and jigsaw) in the back yard and thankfully it didn't rain all day.

We made huge progress on a really tricky side of the house--two air vents, a wall, the stove cubby, the cabinets, the dishwasher cubby, and the sliding glass door. Jason had to go back to work today by my office is closed all week (YAY) so I'll be doing more flooring, hopefully much simpler cuts, this week!

You lay out at least three boxes at a time to pull from different ones in a pattern so you don't get rows or chunks of very similar ones.

Getting the flooring in should really help with decorating, and I hope to hang some art soon! The only piece I was able to place is this wood-framed round mirror from Target. I'm about 95% sure this is what I want over the fireplace. ;) So I took a risk and hung it. (After patching and texturing hundreds of holes in these walls before painting, I take every nail/screw hole we make pretty seriously!!)

As you can probably tell, I didn't dress up the family room before taking this photo. So just for you, here's the behind-the-scenes of that moment in time of our construction zone!

So, it's back to flooring for us for a while, with of course plenty of other little to-dos that we hope to get to soon. I'm very curious how long it will take us to do the flooring in the entire house!

You can shop this very cool  mirror and some similar ones here!

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