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#Stanley90sreno week 3 update: lighting, trim, and more carpet staples

Another week, another weekend, more progress at the fixer upper!

We had a long list of goals for the weekend and we did pretty well. The results aren't quite as dramatic as last week or the week before where we did HUGE things throughout the house, but we're working on some of the essential details we need before we can move in. Plus some fun things I was just really excited to do. Our goals were (finished items noted):

  • Paint closet shelves 
  • Put up lights (dining room and entryway)
  • Clean kitchen cabinets
  • Get out beds, dressers, couch, table? Kitchen boxes 
  • Sand door frame/s
  • Establish door painting area
  • Put up curtain rods
  • Hook up washer and dryer
  • Pull carpet staples in bedroom, spare room, dining room
  • Sweep and clean floors
  • Paint floors
  • Clean master bath (1/2 done)

  • We took down all the particle board shelves during demo and planned to replace them with slightly deeper ones for more storage, but they're nowhere near a standard size so I would have had to have the melamine cut and finish the edges myself. And that stuff isn't cheap. I may someday still replace them all but for now, I primed the stained kitchen shelves (really gross!) and painted all of them. Pantry, linen closet, master closet.

    Meanwhile, husband kept chipping away at the carpet staples. Our flooring won't be here for a few weeks still but we'd like to move in on select subfloors so we're cleaning them really well and painting them (bedroom, dining room which will be a staging area for the kitchen, etc.).

    Oh, and one really exciting thing--we installed our dining room chandelier and our very cool big lantern-ey pendant in the entryway! We don't have the bulbs yet so didn't put the globes on, but isn't it cool??! It's this one from Designer Living. Pretty sure it's a west elm knockoff but more affordable. (It also comes in gold--man, that was a tough decision between the two!) (Designer Living sent it to me to review, so I'll be sharing more about it when the room is done!)

    I really wanted to make good progress on prepping the trim for painting on Saturday so my mom and friend coming over could help paint... but I procrastinated by doing other, slightly more fun (somehow?) things and didn't get very far. So Sunday I finally started working on the trim.

    There were a lot of holes to patch before sanding, caulking, and priming.

    My sweet friend Yvonne came over to help and sanded a bunch of trim and doors with me! So nice to have help!

    We also got all the trim washed down so it's ready for primer.

    The paint smell is still pretty present upstairs but we were hoping to get some of our furniture up there now that our floors are painted, so we can clear out the garage a little and get to the all-important kitchen boxes, before we can actually live in this construction zone. We did bring up our dressers, though not our beds. It's a start.

    Oh, and we went to three Halloween parties! We had some good costume ideas this year but did not have time to execute much. :P So we made this Chip and Joanna costume and went as the hosts of HGTV's Fixer Upper! With a blown up "before" photo of our house. I wanted to do a black wig and WACO shirt but it didn't happen. I did make a good Magnolia Realty logo for husband's shirt, though!

    Feels really good to be getting through these things before we can move in!

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