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Finally: the house tour (the 'before'!)

Things are moving along pretty well at our fixer upper! One of the things I really wanted to make sure we did, since I knew we'd be doing a lot of renovations pretty fast once we got the keys, was take lots of "before" photos and do a video tour. (Since I dream of sharing a glamorous video tour of it with you when it's all done, and how fun would that be to compare?!)

I figured out the video editing and everything and got it up. I'm really excited since I know videos are so useful and fun sometimes and I haven't really known how or when do them, until now! I really hope you like it!

If you've been following along with my weekly updates at the reno, you already know some of what we're doing in the spaces in the tour! We didn't narrate too much, but actually already I know at least one of the projects I alluded to won't work, and there are tons others I didn't mentio that we will be doing soon!

What do you think of the house???!?!!? What would you do with the fireplace, stair railings, and master bathroom??!

We are excited for another weekend of lots of work at the house this weekend! Follow along on my Instagram Stories, I've been sharing a lot!

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