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Our powder room makeover moodboard (in progress--what would you do?)

Since we've made so much progress on the new house in the past two weeks!!, I'm feeling optimistic and have moved on from obsessing about the paint color, floors, lighting, and kitchen and am now getting excited for what will be a second-tier, but still soon, project: redoing all 2.5 bathrooms.

I think we're going to start with the half-bath (powder room) downstairs. It's not a super critical room to redo since it's currently functional, but oh-so-ugly and so far a room we've used a lot! And it's small and doesn't involve tubs or wall tile, so should be pretty simple compared to the other bathrooms.

It's a small, darkish room with no windows, so I want to reflect light and brighten it up with white tile floors (I think).

While I love the look of a classic pedestal sink or console sink, unfortunately I think we really need the storage space a sink cabinet will bring. I would looove to have a cool vintage wood one, but I don't have much time for shopping for it or even know where to start so I think we may go with something white with plain lines.

We did order this fabulous light fixture from Schoolhouse Electric, the Princeton Sconce. Their sconces are the thing in pretty bathrooms right now. ;) I couldn't quite picture how it would look with anything other than one of those cool metal-legged old-fashioned looking console sinks, though... but I think it will look good with white! So I'm thinking these simple elements.
Wallpaper bathroom source / console sink bathroom source
Still undecided: the faucet. I have no problem mixing metals, so probably don't need to go with a brushed brass like the fixture--keep it traditional with polished nickel, maybe? What would you do?

I also think I need to add some color or texture (unless I can find the perfect antique cabinet to do insted of a plain, white one). Any ideas?

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