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We're calling it 'the miracle house'--and it's really happening! (#stanley90sreno!)

It's alllll happening! The earnest money is in, the inspection is done, and we have applications in for our townhouse! Fingers crossed the appraisal goes well and on time; if it does we'll be moving in a month! Now I'm so excited to share more info about the house and photos with you!

As I shared last week, we switched up our search parameters (and max budget) and found a home that we think will suit us for a long time. We're surprised we could afford something so big, in such a nice location, and with so few repairs needed (that we know of so far). We've been looking off and on for ages, and this house has been listed since March (!), but somehow the stars aligned last week and we only just then looked at it and made the offer!

Hence "the miracle house." It's 4 bedrooms; 2.5 baths; built in the 90's so no lead paint, asbestos, etc.; only about 20 blocks from our current home which is an easy commute to work and both of our parents' places; and bigger than anything else we've looked at!! It's like, how is this possible? How can we get such a great house?!

There are downsides--it's been a rental and not cleaned up much so every. single. wall needs to be repainted and the whole thing is carpeted with stained carpets. But really, that's what we were looking for in a home. We want to build the "sweat equity" and design it ourselves. The house was way overpriced when it was first listed but since it's been on the market so long they've lowered the price and they accepted our offer for $10k less than the current price. The other downside is the small yard. It's not as small as it looked in the listing photos, and there are some fruit trees, but it's much smaller than some of the 0.25-acre lots we looked at on other homes. We consciously decided to sacrifice lot size for number of bedrooms and size of the home. (But we can still have up to 4 chickens on it!)

We move October 14. Now's the fun part--I have oodles of pinned ideas and a growing spreadsheet of improvements and costs per room. This is going to be a big renovation.

The first step will be new flooring and paint everywhere. The kitchen remodel will also be high on the list. I looooove kitchens. I've been pinning dream kitchens here since before we bought our current home!

Have you done a big house remodel?? I'd love to see your photos and before/afters and hear your stories! Share a link in the comments below if you have one!

I will be sharing more updates in real time on Instagram so please head over there to follow along!

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