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Beach getaway and inspiration from the cabin in the woods

As I shared on Instagram throughout the weekend... I had the loveliest birthday weekend featuring family, visiting sister-in-law from the Bay Area, a trip to the most peaceful cabin at the coast (with a hike and visit to Hug Point, our new favorite), and a day to rest up at home before the week started. It was so perfect! (I also spent some good chunks of time perusing kitchen hardware online. And pinned lots of house ideas.)

I stayed at this amazing cabin at my bachelorette party more than 5 years ago now, with sister-in-law's connection, and it was so cool to go there with husband now since he LOVED it, too. And, we've been talking a lot about the style we want for our new house but husband has a hard time picturing things until he sees them in context--so it was good to look at how the range hood, black doorknobs, black ceiling fans, and other elements I've told him about look in a home.

I really wanted to capture the magic of this gorgeous beach house for our memories this time!

First, possibly my favorite part:

Now imagine that lovely tub in this rustic setting!

 I love the big porches on three sides. And lots of cross-ventilation with double doors on two of them.

The sauna is a new addition since I was there last. Sauna or steam room if you pour water on the coals.

Inside there's a main room and loft, like any cabin should have.

The main room has some great vintage pieces and this wood stove, which is the main source of heat in the home.

The kitchen is possibly the first place I saw open shelving in real life, back in 2011 when I first visited!

The bathroom is under the loft and is quite roomy. There's no indoor shower (just a charming outdoor shower, which I used and which was exhilarating!) but this incredible tub.

The bedroom is decorated simply but, like the rest of the house, with style and fabulous lighting.

Oh--and it's a couple blocks down a quiet gravel road from this:

And you can watch sunsets like this!

This place is owned by sister-in-law's cousins, and she thought they might rent it out but I checked and didn't find it on Airbnb or VRBO. Sorry. But, hope you're a little calmed and inspired by these photos like we were staying there! We're so lucky to have a connection to this amazing place!

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