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My new home dec obsession!! (It's fun! You'll love it!)

Well, as you might imagine, my head is just swimming with home decor and remodeling ideas for our new house!! It seems like I spend every spare moment thinking about grout colors, dining room lighting, and other essential considerations. I really need to organize my thoughts and pinned ideas onto some mood boards or something...

So while I wait for closing on the house so the projects and purchases can begin, I've found a fabulous new hobby that encourages my enthusiasm and teaches me things, too!

I've talked before about how I'm a podcast listener. (Balanced Bites, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, Pop Culture Happy Hour from NPR, and recently The Birth Hour are favorites.) But recently, with perfect timing for my all-my-spare-time (including commutes to work when I can listen to podcasts) home decor/renovating obsession, I stumbled across Young House Love Has A Podcast. I've been aware of Young House Love for years and years, and am so impressed by their DIYs and tutorials! I listened to a couple episodes and now want to be friends with John and Sherry as well as read their cabinet-painting posts. I've listened to every episode now and really enjoyed them! Some very useful information (like about rugs--oh, rugs are so hard!) as well as helpful anecdotes about what's going on with them, like trying out an electric lawnmower.

They mentioned they were on another DIY/home decor/family podcast, the Chris Loves Julia Podcast. In my recent surge of pinning and decor idea-collecting, I'd run across Chris Loves Julia's stuff before and liked their classic-yet-modern, clean style. When I ran out of Young House Love podcasts, I listened to all the Chris Loves Julia ones, too! I now love them, too. Also some useful information, like about color undertones when picking paint (another scary choice!), plus just interesting descriptions of what they've done to their homes. 
Chris Loves Julia

It's really fun, too, when you can follow along with the podcasters by looking at their blogs and Instagram pages for photos of what they're talking about, and the podcasts are all pretty new so the updates they talk about are almost in real time. 

I tried listening to an HGTV podcast a while back when I was desperate for more home decor content in my brain, but it was kind of stale and I didn't recognize any of the guests. With bloggers' podcasts, I've heard interviews with other bloggers I've followed for years, AND heard from DIYers doing what I'll be doing in a few weeks!

I'm sure there are other DIY-related podcasts out there that I haven't found yet. Do you know of any? Where do you soak up ideas for home projects??

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