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A bright print open shoulder top for early fall (and my birthday!)

It's my birthday tomorrow!! I made myself a new top. I've always had fun picking out my outfit for my birthday or birthday party, and a BRIGHT color or print always seemed most appropriate. I remember one childhood birthday party in the park that involved a full-skirted dress with a white background and bright gumball-colored polka dots of varying sizes (ah, the 90's).

I've come a long way since then, but I still met my brightness goal! This top was born from 1) the leftover fabulous fabric from this fun party dress and 2) this pretty Anthropologie open shoulder long-sleeved top!

I've made several off-the-shoulder tops and a dress this summer (see them in the gallery here) and I just love the style! It makes even the simplest top interesting and outfit-making.

I seriously messed with the pattern, you guys. It's McCall's M7163 but last time I made that pattern the shirt was SO big I swam in it and ended up taking in the body and sleeves several inches to make it flattering. So this time I made it two sizes smaller than it called for, quite a few inches shorter, and with WAY smaller sleeves (particularly since I knew I would not be adding elastic in the shoulder areas, like the Anthro one).

Seriously, look how much I took out of the sleeves!

I also added some straps and only did the elastic in the front and back panels.

It turned out just like I pictured!!

I also was excited to wear it with my new Express mid-rise "jean leggings" which are not leggings at all but actually the most perfect-fitting normal, substantial jeans! As I shared on my Instagram the other day, I haven't bought jeans in multiple years so this was a big deal for me. I ordered them in a Short so the length was ankle rather than long enough to cuff like most of my jeans, and they're perfect!! They have just the right amount of stretch to fit my strong thighs, too, which is so hard to find in a lot of brands these days.

It's fun to make something SO different than anything else I've ever done before! I got out of my comfort zone of natural fiber neutrals with this bold print for the dress earlier this summer and now it worked well for this, too!

Pattern: McCall's M7163

  • Made 2 sizes smaller than called for
  • Made length really about 4" shorter than called for (I gave it a deep hem as well as cutting it shorter)
  • Made sleeves substantially narrower
  • Only put elastic in the front and back panels
  • Added straps

It's great for a celebration (birthday!!) or any other early fall event where you want to make an outfit special with just one great piece!

Shop the original inspiration top, some similar ones, and these fabulous-fitting jeans here!

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