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Off-the-shoulder blue and white stripe dress from Sundressing - and a giveaway!

I looooooove sundresses. They're my favorite kind of dress to make and wear, and dresses are my favorite thing to design/sew! (Of course I love them - this blog used to be called Adventures in Dressmaking!) I just love when the weather gets warm enough for wearing cottony, sleeveless, full-skirted dresses outside.

So I of course I was excited to see and review Melissa Mora's new book, Sundressing: Sew 21 Easy, Breezy Dresses for Women and Girls! You may know Melissa from Melly Sews; we've been blog friends for ages and she has some great resource on her blog! Her new book Sundressing just came out and it's a really fun, creative, idea-packed book that starts with a basic pattern and shows you how to create all kinds of cute dresses--I just made one of them myself!

Click through for the post and giveaway!

Sundressing starts you off with a basic bodice pattern (one for women, one for girls) and teaches you how to modify it in countless ways (well, there are 21 dresses in the book, but really you know you can make anything you want!).

She recommends you start by making a muslin of the basic pattern so you can customize it for your (or the wearer's) body. I skipped this step... but I bet it is very useful, if you're not accustomed to sewing dresses!

I did love following along the pattern modification instructions for the dress I chose, this looser, elastic waist dress with big shoulder ruffle. Step-by-step, it's really easy to make almost whatever you want from a basic bodice pattern, and I rarely vary that much from a pattern so it was fun and exciting for me!

I didn't have enough fabric for the skirt width as intended, so the skirt's the recommended length but not as full. I might shorten it to make a more playful dress, make the proportions a little better. What do you think?

The off-the-shoulder look is SO comfortable on a hot day. Nice breeze!

I dressed the dress up with my new shoes (the ones I spent 4 1/2 hours shopping for online - remember?). It could easily be a beachy, farmers' market-ey, casual dress, but I think I elevated it to summer dinner date night (at least for Portland!) with the shoes and accessories!

Pattern: The Sutton Dress from Sundressing: Sew 21 Easy, Breezy Dresses for Women and Girls

  • Cut the skirt narrower (didn't have enough fabric)
  • Changed the waist-skirt join/elastic waistband casing situation due to the above

Enter the giveaway here!

This post is part of Melissa's 30 Days of Sundresses series for this year! Check out the master post here to see all the sundresses and giveaway info!

If you don't have time to sew your own summery dress... I've rounded up some similar stripey off-the-shoulder looks here! And you can shop these shoes I love so much, and similar bags!

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