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Lavender floral strapless ruffle top

I made a very fun top last weekend! I had so much sewing energy and worked on several projects, but I got this top finished in about an hour, not counting cutting time.

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I've realized a few things about my wardrobe lately... 1, I own almost all neutrals and virtually no florals or fun prints, with the exception of some dressier things/dresses. 2, I own no tube tops or strapless tops!

I had some leftover fabric from this halter maxi dress, not very much at all, and I thought I might have enough for a strapless top, and I really wanted a ruffle on it. Well, some pattern modification (McCall's M6558 for a basic loose-fitting strapless bodice), ruffle math, and piecing later, I had this!

Turns out strapless tops are SO fun to wear when it's hot!! I guess I haven't owned one in... a while. I remember having some cute knit ones in about 2004... This one has a very different fit and is drapey, pretty, and airy, so great for hot weather!

I did not notice that sunburn until I looked at these photos. Hey, at least I got outside last weekend!

Pattern: McCall's M6558

  • Cut out two sizes too big for a more relaxed fit and more ruffle gathers
  • Lengthened the top of the dress bodice
  • Added a ruffle the width of the top of the bodice

I highly recommend making yourself a simple floral strapless top! Here's some similar/this season's items to the rest of the look!

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