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Taking time to celebrate and get away - Oregon coast

I'm used to my routine, which is pretty busy most of the time, and it's hard for me to stop the daily grind and get away - even for special occasions. So, I've learned to sort of force myself to take a break! So last weekend we took a long weekend to celebrate...

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12 years of dating! Are we weird for celebrating our dating anniversary?? I don't know. The day is easy to remember, since it's Flag Day, and the year is easy cause it's the same day and year I graduated high school. A memorable Saturday, for sure.

We love going to the Oregon coast together, and have many memories over the past 12 years of little visits to Seaside, Cannon Beach, Newport, Astoria, and Long Beach, Washington. And some places in between. The coast is only about 1.5 hours away from our house so sometimes we've even gone just for the day! but it's always a little escape and important downtime. (See some recent trips here - including our five-step vacation reset routine!)

This time around we had some adventures we don't usually do - roasting marshmallows on the beach is usually more work than we're interested in but this time we met up with some friends and the extra group made it worth the effort. And it was so fun! 

We definitely lucked out on the weather. It's a toss-up every time we go. Very unpredictable pretty much any time of year.

We also did a new hike, a 4 or 5 mile route along the coast at Ecola State Park, on a Lewis & Clark route. Some incredible views of these rock formations, ocean, trees, and the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse out in the middle of the water. The hike was actually harder than we were expecting and we felt great the rest of the day! Especially on trips when you're sitting in a car longer than usual to get to and from places, it feels so good to get a good walk or hike in.

And, of course, we reminisced and enjoyed each other's company like we would any weekend - thinking about 12 whole years of dating gave us an excuse to take a day off work and get some downtime, and of course a fun thing to celebrate!

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