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How to Wear DIY: The coziest sweater and DIY lengthened flares

Now that's it's back to normal winter weather and not 10 degrees out!!, I'm back to dressing for Oregon winter and am able to throw in some How to Wear DIY-appropriate pieces!

A while back I made these jeans longer with a hem facing, and remain super proud of myself. Lengthening jeans is a super handy skill!! Especially for flares, because too-short flares are THE nerdiest. So now I can wear them with wedges (also DIY!) for a little extra glam with a cozy outfit!

Cozy necessities: ridiculously large sweater, comfy jeans, red lip.

These jeans are seriously comfy. Stretchy and soft. Making them longer made them even better for winter, too--longer = warmer!
Scarf: H&M. Sweater: Goodwill. Jeans: Gap via Grocery Outlet!, DIY lengthened here

Have you tried making jeans longer??

What are you wearing this early wintertime weather!?


  1. That is such a cute sweater. womens clothes are so cute compared to what men wear. I love the over-sized sweater look. I like to wear mine with cute leggings. I can't believe you lengthened those jeans, you would never be able to tell. I would never be able to do that.

  2. Longer= warmer, until you step in a puddle!!

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  4. Great post, as you know I’m a jeans fan – that’s about all I ever wear. Bought a jeans at the White House | Black Market sale this week. I’m amazed at the quality.

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