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2 Tips for Saving Holiday Cards and Mementos

I have a very seasonally appropriate guest post to share with you all today, by a very old blog friend/reader of mine, Katie of blog Making This Home and journaling shop Gadanke. Katie and her husband have redone three amazing homes, one made of recycled materials in the back country of Montana, one in a historic apartment in Berlin, and their current home in a remade airplane hangar! She also did a "no new clothes" challenge for a whole year and wore lots of self-made things. 

Katie reached out to me this Christmas with this guest post for you all, and I love the topic because I never know what to do with old holiday cards and sentimental things! All of ours from last year are still in the tiny drawer in our console table, and I think I tossed the others before that because I didn't have a good place for them. When I was a kid my mom would always tape the cards up on the panes of glass in their historic 1909 home glass door panes in the dining room, which was perfect, but now we just have a mantel and they get crowded and fall over up there. I used to have a big cork bulletin board for keeping favorite cards and tickets and photos, but I retired it years ago after its many years of service, and I haven't replaced it in any way. I've always wanted to make some great DIY storage system or book, but no idea what. I guess I need some journaling or keepsake inspiration!

So here's Katie's post on what to do with holiday cards and mementos! (This isn't a sponsored post or anything, just something that caught my attention and I hope you'll enjoy, too!)

2 Tips for Saving Holiday Cards and Mementos

By Katie Clemons
shop : Gadanke
blog : Making This Home
TEDxTalk: www.Gadanke.com/tedxtalk

‘Tis the season for sending and receiving holiday cards, newsletters from friends and neighbors, and photos. I love this part of the season — walking through the snow and past the frosty trees to collect the mail, knowing the mailbox will be stuffed with well wishes and news. I always treasure those quiet moments of sitting down with a cup of tea to open cards, each one of which is a chance to think about the special person who sent it.

But what do you do with that stack of cards once the holidays are over? Here are a couple of tips for saving those mementos — and making them matter — without resorting to a shoe box.

1. Hang onto cards from dear friends, then return them.

Several years ago, my grandma’s best friend from college was moving to a retirement center. She sent my grandma about forty holiday cards that my grandma had written to her over the years.

Who would have thought to keep such a collection? It’s one of the greatest gifts my grandma or any of us could have received. And I got to read about my dad’s first Christmas from my grandma’s perspective!

A collection of cards between friends creates a time capsule of sorts: The cards document things like trends in colors and card types. They chronicle life events, such as moving homes or having children. And most importantly, they become a beautiful souvenir of enduring friendship.

So keep all the warm notes and photos from a few good friends. Don’t tell them. Then one day, mail those letters back.

2. Corral cards in a book.

Here’s an easy way to bundle all those cards into one spot so you can enjoy them year after year. I use my ‘Tis the Season Christmas journal from my shop, www.Gadanke.com, to collect and keep treasured holiday cards, letters and photos.

The journal has easy-open ring closures, so you simply hole punch your cards and pop ‘em into the scrapbook. There are also pages in the journal with writing prompts, such as “They lifted the lid on the box marked ‘Christmas decorations’ and shared sweet stories of years gone by.”

The prompts really help get my brain thinking about the moments that holiday memories are made of. And jotting them down in my journal means I will remember them year after year. I also like to include things like recipes for our family’s favorite holiday treats plus photos from the season.

What do you do with the cards you save each year?

Thanks for sharing, Katie!! And thanks for the keepsake ideas!

What do you do, readers!

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  1. These are great ideas! I was just thinking that I need to figure out something to do with our Christmas cards, this is the perfect inspiration!



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