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The little white dress--eyelet lace and details

I have always loved white sundresses... I had a bit of a collection in college and grad school when I bought cheap clothes and pranced around in them in the summers with chunky wedges or Rainbow flipflops. I still love them! Although now I guess I opt for slightly less bare, although still summery, sundress-ey options.

So I absolutely love this white cotton eyelet inset panel/pieced dress Kendi wore... this one is no longer available, not even sure what brand it was, but I love the idea!

So I made my own version. I had some white cotton eyelet in a funny-shaped piece, think it was probably something my mom gave me after she used it for something specific. But it's much more my taste! I love the pure white and graphic shapes.

I wanted to do some similar piecing with it, and I didn't have much fabric. So I used Simplicity 1913, just a basic princess seam bodice pattern, and cut the side pieces of the eyelet and the center front and back of a lightweight pique cotton.

Forgive the wrinkles. ;)

Here it is on. I love the white-on-white with texture!

Love the classic look! It goes with everything, right? The "little black dress" for summer!


  1. i really need to learn how to sew. your dresses are always so cute!

  2. White on white with texture is a fantastic combination. Absolutely adore this dress!! xx


  3. Oooh I totally dig this texture white combo! It looks amazing :) I will definitely be keeping this idea in mind for later!

  4. oh my word, so adorable! I agree, a white dress is the equivalency of a little black dress for the summer. <3


  5. Oh man! I tried on the cutest yellow eyelet dress at Old Navy and was going to buy it and the zipper was broken! Too bad I don't have your sewing skills. This dress is making me wish I had gotten it!

  6. I love white too and the alterations you made to the pattern are awesome! I'm going to find time to try it out :)

  7. So true about white cotton dresses being the LBDs of summer. Love your version.


  8. I love this dress. Beautiful!!

  9. Oh Suzannah, this is beautiful! You always make such beautiful things

  10. where can I get the pattern of this beauty?

  11. very nice dress! with a blumarine jacket, it is just perfect!



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