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I can't believe I'm writing this.... Why I no longer need shampoo!

I can't believe I'm writing this. Let me blow your socks off. ;)

So you may have read about my recent diet improvements and increased focus on/education about holistic health. In short, I'm now focusing on eating whole foods from the most nutrient-dense sources, with a few other fine points... basically a version of a Paleo diet. So I've been listening to tons of podcasts and reading bunches of articles on these perspectives, and leared that some people are also into Paleo spirit bodycare. So, no processed crap on our bodies, and only the good stuff that our systems know what to do with.

That all sounds great, but when it comes down to it, I was shocked to hear that one of my favorite podcast ladies doesn't use shampoo. No conditioner, either. She washes her hair, but without any "products" at all.

I'm not a big fan of the name, but... a Google search for "no shampoo method" yields a lot of results, including a Wikipedia entry for "no poo."

I read Liz's original post and instructions on the No Poo method, her No Poo results, and even a recent post for troubleshooting the No Poo method, but wasn't convinced until I tried it. (She's not alone--I found more instructions in this post on Simple Mom.) I am seriously blown away.

Update: I love how DIY methods are always changing. I did very well with the No Poo method but have since switched to honey shampoo--read about that here and an update here!

No shampoo method results

So here goes the controversial part... hope you can handle it! ;) I tried to tone down the TMI but I wanted to be honest about how my hair and head are responding!

I tried the "no poo" route and I love it. So far I've already observed these benefits of the baking soda/vinegar method:
  • My hands feel soft and smooth after the shower rather than dry and scaly. My hands felt exfoliated and moisturized after sudsing the baking soda mixture and then the vinegar.
  • Less grease. I can go an extra day without washing it now, before it gets a little greasy by the scalp.
  • Less frizz. Since I can remember I've had to fight my naturally almost curly/frizzy-when-clean hair. It's definitely less clown-like now and curls easier with brushing! I used to have to avoid brushing while it was clean to avoid extreme pouf!
  • Less dandruff. I never had much but there's virtually none now.
  • Sounds kinda weird, but... I love the natural smell of hair, with no flowery perfumey chemicals on it. I was a little hesitant to tell anyone about this new routine, but when I told my mom she insisted on smelling my hair and was over the moon about how nice it smelled!! Who knew?!
My hair isn't at its most styled-ness in these photos, but here it is on DAY TWO. No grease at all!

My husband has also used the baking soda/water squeeze bottle in the shower, and says it's working great for him. I had a short transition period the second and third times I tried it--my hair was a little extra greasy in reaction to not being stripped every time I washed. But I just wore it up those days and it felt great on the fourth wash!

Next crazy natural beauty routine??

Next crazy alternative body care method I want to try? Alternatives to chemical toothpastes. I also want to make my own laundry and dish soap--those I know I can do when I get around to it. Here's a simple dish soap I want to try. Anyone had any success with that kind of DIY??!

Update: I also love the honey shampoo method--read about that here and an update here!


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  2. So, I read your post about the new "no poo method" and I think it gave me the encouragement to try it myself! I do already make my own laundry detergent, that was a tough one for me because I ***LOVE*** the smell of Gain! However, after making my own laundry detergent for several months now, I love the smell of my detergent! I also make my own organic lotion, and dishwasher detergent as well as fabric softener, toilet bowl cleaner, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, glass/mirror cleaner and bathtub cleaner. I feel so much better not using all of the chemicals. Something else that may interest you are essential oils. I have a few and really enjoy using them for several different things.

  3. I recently threw out all my deodorant because the smells of the chemicals, made me sick by the end of the day and I found it just wasnt working come the end of the day. So I started using baking soda. Literally all I do is dump a little on slightly wet fingertips, and then I rub it in. I can do a solid workout in the gym, then go all day without rapplying and I smell AMAZING!!! it also acts as a great exfoliator, and it lightens your arm pit hair. It also does not stain your clothes it actually whitens white shirts!!! Total WIN



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