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Re-DIYing! When a DIY project gets another makeover

Minor makeover, yes, but... I'm sure many of us have had the urge to re-DIY an older DIY project we're no longer happy with, right? We've been reading blogs and pinning project ideas and playing with spray paint and old tee shirts long enough to have made a few trendy projects, a few mistakes, and a few things that don't fit, right? ;)

This is not one of those, exactly, but it does get me thinking about redoing DIYs! Funny story here, actually a swap of redone vintage furniture. Back last fall when we had recently moved in, I painted some vintage nightstands this awesome pistachio green color.

They were great!! I loved them! But, I felt a little trapped into the pale grey/white/light green color scheme, ya know? I figured that might happen but it wasn't a big problem--it's not like I had any other ideas for the space. They were also a little too short for our bed once we got a new mattress set.

Wasn't going to do anything about it, until I mentioned the height issue to my friend in passing. She said she had some very similar ones that were slightly larger in her guest room, and would trade me! Like, a direct trade! Hers were painted black, with painted silver handles. (And one upside-down one!)

As you can see, they sat in our bedroom for a while (we enjoyed the extra height and width compared to the older, smaller ones, and I like the edgier black instead of pastel!!), but a lot of the other accents in our room were gold. (Like the initials, square canvas, and vanity stool.) So I re-did the re-do. Remade the makeover. Repainted the repaint job... you get the idea.

It took me literally seconds to repaint the silver handles with gold spray paint.

The black and gold is still glam, and goes with my other gold DIY decor!

Know what I mean about time to re-do a remake??! 


  1. I love it! I want to do this now too. Thanks for the idea. :)

  2. love the gold. really pops that way and such an easy way to change it up just a touch.

  3. Seriously, that black and gold IS glam!

  4. spray paint rocks! nice re-do!



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