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Easiest DIY canvas wall art... super simple tutorial

Super fun and easy DIY wall art tutorial today. I haven't done a DIY canvas project in ages, but something got me excited for this one, and I put it together in a few minutes over the weekend and figured I should share. The best part about it may be the gold glitter lettering!, although using them in a new way (these are the iron-ons  meant for t-shirts) and to hang on the wall makes me happy, too. =)


DIY Glitter Letter Wall Art Tutorial

You will need:
  • Small art canvas
  • Iron-on lettering
  • Big ruler, like clear quilting ruler
  • Scotch tape!
  • Clear spray enamel
1. Measure to find the center of your canvas. Mark a few light pencil dots along the center line. 

2. Put the center letter or space on the very center point you just found, and fill in the other letters on that line. (My words had 24 letters, so I put 8 on each line, with 2-3 words per line).

3. Line your words up with your ruler, keeping parallel to the center line dashes. Put a loooooooong piece of scotch tape over your letters--don't let them move! 

4. Flip the canvas over and iron the words lightly. Then, flip back and take off the Scotch tape. The letters will definitely be stuck on already! They don't need much heat to adhere! Once you've taken the tape off, flip it back and give it a more thorough pressing.

5. Space out your next line using your ruler (a clear one is so helpful here, so you can see the original straight center line), again putting the center letter or space of that line at the center of the canvas. Repeat steps 2 through 4. 

And so on until you have all your lines. OMG, wasn't that easy?!? Now erase your pencil markings if any of them didn't get letters put on them to cover up.

6. This last step is probably optional, but I think it'll be great to protect against dust. Give the canvas a very,  light coat of clear spray enamel! Be warned, sometimes this stuff has a slight yellowish or tannish tint, but if you only use a little it shouldn't show up.


So fun and soooo easy!


  1. I love your decorating skills! I need to add some of these ideas to my home :)

  2. Great little idea. We are moving and have lots of stairs in our new townhouse, a few of these would look so cute going up the stairs!

  3. Where are your jewelry holders from? Love those!

    1. The two standing ones that is...

    2. Thanks! I got them at Goodwill and spray painted them (http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com/2012/11/jewelry-storage-diy.html), but I saw the same ones at Michael's.

  4. Where did you buy the glitter iron on lettering?

    1. Some crafty supply company sent them to me out of the blue, with a bunch of other stuff... I would try a big JoAnn super store or Michael's!

  5. I love simple but elegant DIY! Good tip about using the enamel spray, I wouldn't have thought to use that. Your dresser is looking so good! beautiful styling.

  6. You are so crafty and cute! Please tell me that your dresser is not always that organized and clean.

  7. Cute! I love the idea of iron-ons on a canvas!

    <3 Melissa

  8. Wow! This really iseasy!! Love it! And I love all the decor on that wall!!!

    <3 Denise




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