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Weekend Inspiration: Holiday home and gifts

It's almost the weekend again! December 1st tomorrow, OMG. We alllllll know it's that time of year again, so I've been thinking a lot about Christmas decor and gifts lately, and unfortunately have not had any great revelations that have made me feel secure and set for the holidays. I am feeling quite uninspired. We set our tree up right after Thanksgiving, and it's the first year we've had a fake one--white! I am so excited, though I feel like a traitor for not getting a live tree, being in Oregon and all. But the white is pretty. I bought it last year right after Christmas and have been so excited to set it up all year--it's not done yet, since we don't have enough ornaments, but I shared a little preview via Instagram last weekend.

Need more ornaments, though. And pretty decor around the house! I didn't decorate at all last Christmas since we were househunting and hoping to find something right around then, and I was tired of our old place and mad at it and didn't want to spend any time decorating while being grumpy about it... so my holiday decorating skills are a little rusty!!

Christmas decor ideas!

So I thought I'd share some ideas and thoughts for Christmas home dec, and please, send me more if you know of any! So, originally my concept was pink and red glitter decor, inspired by these cute acorns...
Source: sweetpaulmag-digital.com via Suzannah on Pinterest

But it turns out pink Christmas ornaments are pretty hard to find, and I'm not sure how I'd want to DIY them. Haven't seen any yet in the right color of pink, so I may just give in and get some hot pink ones. This look is pretty cute, too!
Source: houseandhome.com via Suzannah on Pinterest

And bright pink and red, of course, would go with the red and pink Kate Spade dress Taylor Swift was wearing on the cover of our *cringe* Parade Magazine last weekend. Love the dress, though!!! Have a similar bright red one cut out already.

Of course, those would all go well with the pretty ConfettiSystem ornaments and goodies at west elm this year... have you seen their holiday catalog?! So many pretty things!
Source: westelm.com via Suzannah on Pinterest
Source: westelm.com via Suzannah on Pinterest

At one point, I also had big plans for a pretty DIY tree skirt, and making a tree topper. But, the inspiration was fleeting, and now I don't know what I was planning to do!

Some friends and I are planning to attend at least one of the west elm holiday decorating workshops this month--every Thursday till Christmas! They're having them at several west elm stores across the country, so check them out here if you want to visit and be inspired. And if you're in Portland, come to the gift wrapping class on Thursday the 6th, and I'll see you there! And call ahead to RSVP. Would be great if I could learn something about stylish tablescaping or entertaining. I feel like I know nothing. At a loss!!

As for gift shopping...

Then of course there's also the gifts to think about. I love picking out gifts for people who are fun to shop for--people whose tastes I know pretty well, I guess, although it can be stressful to buy for some people in my family and circles. I always look at those "gift ideas" magazine spreads and blog posts and idea boards and think, um, would I ever actually buy any of that for anyone!? I feel like the gifts I end up getting are so random. From little random shops here or there, or some combination of goodies that go together. Or just a book. Saving up some fave book ideas, maybe I'll make an Amazon roundup sometime. =)

I do have some time, at least, to look around before Christmas. And keep reading gift guides and trying to be inspired! Like, I've been going through the ModCloth gift ideas page for alternative gift ideas, though the problem there is I may just find things I want for myself. One fave so far?

The Lampersand.

Maybe it's just the Christmas colors that are getting me. ;) I'm a little desperate for holiday cheer in my home.

Any Christmas decor tips, send 'em my way!


  1. We always get a live tree and for some reason, I have been itching for a fake white tree this year too! I also have "make marquee letters" like the Lambersand you featured here on my To Do list for the winter. Plus, I am fairly certain we have the same grey couch, although ours is a sleeper sofa. Great post!

    1. Very cool!! I now also want to DIY marquee letters... commenter below shared this tutorial! http://ohhappyday.com/2012/06/vintage-marquee-diy/

  2. I love the white tree with pink and red! If you wanted to DIY that ampersand, I've had this tutorial pinned for a while: http://ohhappyday.com/2012/06/vintage-marquee-diy/

    1. WOW! Those letters are amazing!!! I may have to try!

  3. Beautiful! I love your living room :) I'm usually more of a fan of real trees but your white tree with your other decor is SO GORGEOUS and tasteful!

  4. I love your white tree!!! It is super cute!

  5. totally love the post..really cute stuff :)
    The Sweet Life

  6. Hello:
    For your pink ornaments,or any color you want, add a few drops of craft paint in to a clear glass ornament. ( JoAns has them ) Turn them upside down in an egg carton to dry. You can even put in two colors at once and swirl them. It is really fun and addicting!
    If I see any vintage pink ornaments while thrifting, should I get them for you?
    ~ Christie

  7. Your living room looks great! And tissue or fabric flowers are an easy ones to do in colors you like,and kind of unexpected at Christmas. (:



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