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Three great skirts for fall, made without a pattern

Three-in-one today, folks... I got on a roll last week and made three awesome simple skirts for fall, inspired by some pins I've been mulling over for a while, and they're all sort of in the same genre so I wanted to share them all together.

I want to wear skirts more, but don't always want to feel too dressy or business-ey. I like the look of midi-skirts and gathered shorter skirts, but had yet to find any I feel chic enough in! ;)

But here are my inspirations for the fun creations I came up with this season.

So, with those in the back of my mind, and with a collection of fall fabrics in the stash... I whipped up these THREE skirts last week and am so excited to rock them! The midi length is new for me, and the longer, gathered miniskirt could be tricky to wear, but I'm stoked!

This one here is a great heavy knit stripe I got at Goodwill... I don't wear much black but I always like the combination of black and brown when it works. The fabric was super wide, so it's just one biiig panel with a seam up the center back. Gathered then zig-zagged to the elastic waistband, and just a once-turned-up hem since it won't ravel or roll.

Then this one... I also really love this acorn-colored-ish double-knit fabric, same one I used for my ice skater dress last fall (which I turned into this peplum top, worn here), and I actually cut this one out ages ago. Finally got around to making it. It's also just one big panel, seam and invisible zipper up the center back, and self-fabric and self-fabric lined waistband. I gave it directional knife pleats pointing toward the center front and back, with box pleats on the hips.

And last but not least... wow, sheer animal print... can I pull it off?!? I've been seeing sheer leopard print this and that, and thought about a leopard print blouse at Ross the other day, but am glad I held out for something a little less bold, I guess? Found this leopard print at JoAnn on half-off the clearance price just the other weekend and bought 5/8 yard, I think. Kendi looks so great in hers, I wanted one, too! I lined it with a tan poly lining and gathered them both together, then zig-zagged to the elastic waistband. OMG I hate working with sheer and slinky polyester. Good thing I just needed them in rectangles, since they do NOT cooperate and I really like things to be perfectly on-grain. I just tore them at the right lengths, sewed center back seam along the selvage, and then hemmed.

Okay, now I'm set for fall skirts! Will have to get creative with some fun outfits with these, add some tights, all that. Skirts are super fun but it gets chilly in the winter... time to pull out the riding boots!


  1. That's it! I need a sewing machine! I want to make fantastic skirts like these :)

  2. These are SO cute! I love the first gathered skirt! how much larger would you say the original square of fabric was than your waist? Twice as wide?
    I'm always afraid of either making it too wide and have the gathers look kind of bulky and unflattering and not having enough gathers.

    1. Thanks! The stripey fabric is about 70" wide, wow. So it's actually close to three times as big around as my waist. But I think 2x as big around is normally enough, although if it's long, it'll look a little awkward if it's narrow at the bottom so I would use two PANELS of fabric. For 45" fabric, that's 90" around--plenty full!

  3. These are so chic! and they all look great with the white blouse.

  4. Beautiful!
    XOXO, Ladyfairy


  5. Anonymous11/27/2012

    Great skirts! I need some of these in my life.

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  7. This is a cute style.

  8. I'll have to get my sewing machine out of the closet and start using it again!
    Such inspiration on this site.
    Thank you!

  9. I feel like the hardest part of making a skirt is gathering things evenly. It drives me crazy. Do you have any tricks for doing basting or even gathering when you make your skirts?

    1. Hmm, good question. I mark the center front, back, and sides on the skirt before I gather, and mark the centers on the elastic with pins, then distribute evenly between those four points and pin in place!

  10. They're all really cute. I hate wearing leopard and I still love that last skirt.

  11. Love your blog AND these skirts! Could you post some tutorials?!! So jealous of your abilities

    1. These are great. I have been wanting to sew for so long. Thank you for the inspiration.

    2. Thanks! There are a bunch of tutorials out there for skirts like this so I didn't want to duplicate... ages ago I did do a tutorial for something similar, though: http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com/2011/01/simple-gathered-to-waistband-skirt.html



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