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How to Wear DIY: Double DIY outfit for fall

After our long Indian summer warm weather, it's back to practical fall wear this week, so sharing a look I've adopted again this fall now that it's gotten really cold all of a sudden! I modified this olive green cargo vest last year, giving it waist definition and making it look like it fits me rather than a giant;), and you'll notice I'm wearing it here with my new fave DIY boyfriend jeans. I was so into the vest look last year, but I wanted to make it look fresher, updated somehow... I'm seeing them again this winter but want to give it a 2012 spin! So the boyfriend jeans helped, and my new suede smoking slippers, and that score of a sweater from Goodwill--J.Crew, awww yeah...
 Sweater: J.Crew via Goodwill. Necklace: Target via Goodwill. Shoes: Ross, $9.99 on clearance and real leather!

My husband loves the cold weather because he can wear his sweaters--he gets hot all the time but likes wearing layers when he can. Me, on the other hand? The weather has gone from 70's and 80's last week and the week before to 50's this week, and I am not adjusting well. I have to put on a jacket now before I go out on errands?!?!!?

Here we are out on a fall walk, but I won't be able to get away with this much longer. Next shoe shot may have to be in riding boots and woolly socks! ;)

Fall is here!!!


  1. I love autumn. I get to layer all my favorite items, then winter with all my favorite vintage coats!
    Loving your new shoes!
    It was cold here then now back up to the 70's which is making my hair frizz witht he humidity.
    Next week it's supposed to drop to 45
    . We will see the weather has been crazy here

  2. Lovely colours on you and those are great shoes. Can't wear suede much here in Britain - far too wet!

  3. Super cute, I love your vest!

  4. I love this outfit.... I am with your hubby. I love fall clothing. By the time Summer rolls around I'm super excited for it. BUT, bring on the sweaters, boots, and jackets.

    Again, Love the boyfriend jeans. I need a pair SO badly!

  5. Anonymous10/23/2012

    Adorable outfit!

  6. Super cute!! I need a cute pair of jeans, time to go shopping! I know what you mean about wearing a jacket too. I HATE wearing coats, but it's so chilly now! I need to find a cute one, so I'm not so irritated by having to layer up :)

  7. I love the vest! Saw a similar one the other day in a shop but as we are coming into summer here in Australia, I resisted buying it.

  8. I LOVE those slippers, very cool! great fall outfit for our chilly Portland weather...

  9. Great fall outfit! I'm in denial about the cooler weather too but I do love that sweater, great find at Goodwill!

  10. I love this outfit, you look fabulous! Yay Fall weather!

  11. Anonymous10/24/2012

    Not only do you make amazing things but you are so great at putting outfits together!
    There is something so fun about the necklace with this look!
    I'm much more of a warm weather girl and I can never think of what to wear in winter. Once it gets cold again I will look to your blog for inspiration :)

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  13. Anonymous12/11/2012

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