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My favorite sewing tips and tools--featured on Scoutie Girl!

I was recently contacted by Janice, who writes for Scoutie Girl, to see if I wanted to write for her "Tooling Around" series--here's what she says about the column:

I use this column to explore all the tools I'm discovering as I grow my own small business. One of the things I promised readers was that I'd discuss tools I never even knew I needed. This is where you come in! I suspect you use so many sewing notions that I've never heard of. My definition of tool is pretty loose. I've talked about work space, irons, scissors, and the internet, so don't feel confined to Merriam Webster's definition - we can talk about any person, place, or thing that helps you get your projects done.

Of course I was happy to give some info about my favorite sewing "tool"!

So stop on by Tooling Around today to read a little interview with me about my fave sewing tool--can you guess what it is?!?

Thanks for the chance to join you, Janice!

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  1. Awesome! I was heading to Joanns today for some gorgeous blue and silver brocade I want for my daughter's Christmas dress (and my son's matching tie),...BUT, now I must track down your favorite to replace my slowpoke tomato!!! :)



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