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How to Wear DIY: Fur collar vest

The vest tutorial from Monday?  Here it is on me!!  I took that men's sweater vest and added the fur collar I made, and... paired it with my fave soft denim shirt and some accessories.  Vests are soooo great this time of year.  So are boots.  What do you think? ;)

Denim shirt and boots: Target via Goodwill. Jeans: Levi's. Earrings: Little resale shop. Belt: My mom's.
Tee and necklace: Forever 21. Watch: American Eagle. Vest: DIY, made over from a men's one from Goodwill!

'Course, I think it's way more fun with red lipstick and Sally Hansen Complete Manicure (the only nail polish that stays on longer than 12 hours on a klutz like me) in All Fired Up.

Also check out the complete DIY fur collar sweater vest tutorial if you wanna read how I made it!


  1. It looks great. I think you just convinced me, I should make a fur-west too. But I think I'm going all the way and making the entire front in faux fur :-) I'll see what I can find in the fabric store...

  2. One word: HOT! - Bethany

  3. Very cute. I might just have to apply that fake fur collar from my winter coat onto something knitty...

    I can't keep nail polish on either. You should try the Sally Hansen nail polish stickers. They are awesome! Easy to apply and they stay on for at least a week. I chip nail polish the day I put it on, so for these to last 4-5 days is awesome. I can actually get both hands out of one of the packets in the kit. Plus they come in animal prints!

  4. Hi Suzannah!
    You look SO cute! I've never seen myself as a "fur collar" kinda girl.. but these pictures are making me consider trying one on...or sewing one :)

    What kind of lipstick are you wearing? I'm very lightskinned and always have trouble finding a classy red lipstick!

  5. Aaw, \thanks!

    @francie, those nail stickers sound amazing. May have to try them out!

    @Alexis, thanks! I never thought of myself as a fake fur person myself. But I'm trying the trends. ;)
    The lipstick is Cover Girl Lip Perfect Lipstick in Flame.

  6. It looks really great, I wasn't convinced in the making pictures but on you it looks fab!

  7. Anonymous11/13/2011

    Pretty woman. :)

  8. Anonymous1/03/2012

    Have you tried this after first felting the wool?

  9. I can't STAND anything up around my neck, and I almost didn't even look at the tutorial, much less plan to make the vest. However, I see from your modeling that the "fur" doesn't even get close to your neck. Just might do this one! Thanks for the updates with "wearing it" photos.

  10. Haha, so glad you like it despite your skepticism!

    @Anonymous, felting it first would be cute but with this vest I think it might make it too short =(. Would depend on the vest you started with!



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