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Fave DIY ideas from Pinterest

My "To DIYPinterest board is all over the place... you know the concept, right?  Save a bunch of crafty and DIY project ideas to a board, go back to the pictures when you want to see them again... but mine is all mixed up!  Because I like to do DIYs of all kinds--sewing, craftiness, home dec...

Here are some of my faves from my DIY pinboard!

A crafty map bulletin board...
Source: designsponge.com via Suzannah on Pinterest

A new way to make fabric flowers!

This cute upcycled tee/lace project!
Source: de.dawanda.com via Suzannah on Pinterest

Pin tucks for detail on a skirt.  Duh.  So easy and cute!  If you have the patience for all that pressing ;).

Just a reminder that I like collars like this one and know how to make them, but never think to make myself cute tops like this!

And cowl scarves.  Mmmmm..... look how fast that would go together with big needles and chunky yarn.

Lots of ideas, right?  Check me out on Pinterest if you want to see my other faves!


  1. oh, i saved that scarf with the lace too! it's beautiful :)

  2. I had the same problem!
    I ended up splitting my "Craft Queue" board into four different ones - kept the "Craft Queue" as a catch-all, and created 3 "Stuff I Need to Make With" board for Food, Fabric and Yarn.
    Also, I make sure I'm not posting items from online shops like Etsy or BigCartel on my crafting boards. All of the items I post on my crafty boards are tutorials; the items on my other boards are inspiration.

  3. That pintucked skirt is divine but I do NOT have the patience unfortunately :( Maybe when I'm a bit more proficient at sewing LOL

  4. Ah! The Upper Peninsula got cut in half! :( I'm not sure if my house even made it on that map. I wonder why they did that on the bulletin board?

  5. All fun ideas, love the map pin board and the cowl scarf would be perfect for winter!

  6. I'm with Amy.... what happened to the Keeweenaw Peninsula?! Sad story.

  7. Haha, I don't know Michigan geography... dunno why they did that... ask Design*Sponge!

    @bodicegoddess, I don't pin pics from Etsy or other small businesses to my DIY board, either. There's inspiration and then there's ripping off people's ideas! Good call!



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