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How to Wear DIY: Late summer date night

How to Wear DIY... late-summery dresses!

We've been having a bit of an Indian summer this year here in the Portland area, with weather all over the place last week--some chilly rain, some days when it was hot when I got home from work... oh, Oregon.

Anyway with Saturday being the first day of October, I figured I'm out of chances to wear cute summery dresses.  But with some sunshine Friday night, I had one last hurrah--I wore this cute dress that I love and threw together so quickly earlier this summer, when husband and I went out to our new fave Thai place for date night!

I wore it belted and with tan wedges.  And a red cardigan!
Belt: Vintage via Goodwill. Earrings: Nordstrom Rack. 
Dress: DIY, made from vintage fabric from Goodwill!

I always like to dress seasonally, but I figured with the sunshine and everyone in flip-flops, most of us weren't ready for the cold season yet.  And the olive and warm 60's colors are sort of fall-ey.

After the rainy weekend, though, I am totally ready for winter--I wore cozy socks for the first time since last spring!  Hope you're having a good early fall, and I hope this bipolar weather calms down!


  1. The floral dress look so pretty on you!!
    lovely post !!
    follow eachother??


  2. Aw this dress is so cute, looks great on you. The Thia food sounds fab too LOL :-)

  3. i want a pattern for that dress!! looks super cute!

  4. i want a pattern for this dress!! looks super cute!

    1. Thanks! More about it here: http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com/2011/08/retro-fabric-dress.html

      It's Simplicity 4531--think it's out of print but I'm sure it's available online somewhere!

  5. Anonymous7/09/2012

    A very cute dress, indeed!




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