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Paper bag waist skirt tutorial featured & Everybody, Everywear inspiration!

I'm so excited to have a tutorial featured this week on Everybody, Everywear, a fantastic and inspirational blog that gives readers a wardrobe challenge every month--"create a great outfit that includes _______."  Sooooo many cute outfits get submitted, and it's a great way to get inspired and find new style blogs you love!

I'm not a fashion or style blogger (although I'm really excited about my How to Wear DIY series!), but Everybody, Everywear did a DIY month this month with lots of great clothing how-to's, and featured my fave paper bag skirt tutorial.

Hope lots of readers get great DIY ideas from the DIY month challenge!

I love looking through the previous challenges... here are some faves!

Wear: Yellow

Wear: Pattern-Mixing

Colored Pants

Great ideas from Everybody, Everywear!  Have fun checking out the tutorial and the blog!

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