Hello! I'm Suzannah, a serious DIYer and mom of two little ones. Follow along with my DIY fixer upper house renovations, sewing and crafty projects, real food recipes, and de-stressing goals.
I believe you can love your home just the way it is, AND have the power to design and make big changes to make it better.
I'm also the author of DIY Wardrobe Makeovers!

P.S. Bear with me on the "suspicious content" warnings and all! Grrr!

You may have gotten a scary message when trying to go to my blog in the past couple days... I have, too!  Thanks to those of you who emailed me about it.  I really appreciate it!

I have only one theory about why this is happening so I deleted the possible widget culprit.  Still waiting for Google to "review" the site.  This is so scary and frustrating!  No idea what to do next.  If any of you have any tips, I welcome them.

The good news is, if you have a Mac, you can view the site, no problem.  I mean, you can view it on a PC (I have been, just "proceeding anyway" and ignoring the error message, just hoping nothing bad happens!), but my husband's Mac gets no such error message at all.

Again, SO SORRY about this and I hope hope hope it's better soon!


  1. I'm on a Mac and I got the error message too :/ No words of wisdom for you though, sorry. Good luck!

  2. Anonymous10/03/2011

    You may have to update your plugins as there has been an exploit using TimThumbs on wordpress and google is tagging those sites as a problem.

  3. i'm on a pc and i havent been seeing anything funny when i come on your blog

  4. Someone emailed me to let me know they were getting the same message on my blog... And I just got this while trying to see your blog, this is crazy!! Is this a Blogger related problem? I'm running on Firefox.

  5. On a mac too... Just bypassed the message hoping it was nothing :)

  6. OMG, wow, sounds like everyone's having slightly different issues!

    @Momo, how do I update my plugins??

    @Popababe, I don't get any error message when I go to your blog (using Mozilla and a PC)...

  7. I had the same thing on my blog because I have links to your blog. Bizarre- just proceed anyway! For me, the message appears when I'm running google chrome but not when I'm on firefox. Don't care, I'm reading you anyway :)

  8. Anonymous10/03/2011

    You need to check with your hosting company as to their recommendation, you might want to login to your back end i.e, adventuresindressmaking.com/wp-admin
    and update timthumbs and wordpress.

  9. I'm not technie enough to know the solution.
    But in the meantime if you turn off the "jump" function when you make your posts - then people should at least be able to view your full post within Google Reader (or whichever blog reader they use for viewing their blog subscriptions)?

    P.S. Someone emailed me this morning to say they had a warning when view my blog - but maybe it's related to yours somehow - I have you in a sidebar on my blogroll (I dunno really - as I said I'm not a techie person LOL!)?

  10. Thanks for posting this. I was worried my computer was getting a virus or worm or some other sinister technology disease. Whew! I didn't get that error message today, so fingers crossed that it's gone.

  11. All better, problem solved!! I think it was one of the blogs in my sidebar. Now you can all visit safely again!

  12. I would really love it if you made it so your entire posts would be viewable in google reader. I tend to delete blogs that only show a few lines, however I have kept yours around because you are a local blog.

  13. Hm, interesting point, @erinkg... thanks for keeping me around! Do you ever go to the blogs you follow in Google Reader? I have never used it so I don't really know how it works.



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